March 15, 2006

Sox Open To Dealing Starters

According to Sean McAdam, the Red Sox are entertaining offers for Bronson Arroyo, Matt Clement and David Wells.

Wells, after saying he was happy to stay in Boston, is grouchy once again -- apparently because Terry Francona won't make him the team's #2 starter. WTF? Is the fat man high? Tito:
We were in there with all the pitchers and I kind of explained to him because he wants to know what day he's pitching. I just kind of told him, I said, 'David, as of the fourth of March, you wanted to be traded. Now all of a sudden you want to pitch second.' It's not going to happen.
Although Arroyo has allowed 13 hits and 13 walks in a mere six innings this spring, he's probably the least likely of the three to be dealt. He can easily pitch out of the bullpen (in fact, he'll probably begin the season there) and in light of the circumstances surrounding the Sox signing him to a three-year deal this winter, I can't see them courting bad PR among players who might want to come to Boston by quickly sending him out of town.

No surprises: The Red Sox sent 13 players to the minors on Monday, including lefty Jon Lester. ... Keith Foulke will receive a final injection of Synvisc in his left knee this weekend and could pitch in a game next week. ... Dustan Mohr is hitting .471 (8-for-17).

Sunday's Globe magazine had a lengthy cover story on Jonathan Papelbon.


Devine said...

The more I look at this pitching staff, the less I'm convinced it can win a division. I know we have "depth", but I'm very concerned about injury and overall effectiveness.

Can someone enlighten me and tell me why I should be happy and optimisitc? I'm pretty convinced we can hit and defend (in the infield anyway), but I'm not so sure on the pitchin'. Schilling, Beckett, Foulke (lingering injury issues), Seanez, Tavarez (recent effectiveness questionable in my eyes). So many questions.

At least the young pitchers have been showing possibilities in this tiny sample size. Hansen--2 hits and 2 walks in 6 innings? Niiiiiiice.

Eric said...

I'm not worried yet because a.) it's March. Opening day is about 18 days away and a lot of things can happen. b.) I've been distracted by the WBC.

Devine said...

I've enjoyed the WBC too. A lot.

But it hasn't stopped me from fretting over the Sox.

Jack Marshall said...

Devine: The more I look at the staff, the more convinced I am that it's the most solid and injury-protected the Sox have had in a long, long time. Schilling is on track. Wake is a lock. There is no reason to doubt Arrojo because of a rough spring at this point in his career. Clement still has great stuff, and I happen to buy the explanation that the head injury loused him up in the second half. Papelbon is a blossoming talent who can fill in wherever he's needed. I expect Timlin to decline, but Riske and Taveras are talented and dependable. If Seanez comes through, great: I don't trust LA Dodger pitching stats. With 6 pitchers who are fully capable of winning 15-18 games, plus Papelbon,I don't see the reason for pessimism.