March 21, 2006

More On The Pena Trade

More on the trade:

It was a tough decision, in that there were pluses and minuses, but this was something we all felt we should do.
Epstein also noted that because of his contract, Pena was out of options at age 21 and "was in the big leagues getting [fewer than] 850 at-bats over the last three years when he should have been in the minor leagues developing." ... Edes has many quotes from Arroyo.

David Ortiz likes Pena:
This guy has some sick power. This guy has some crazy power, man. I just feel bad for my man, Bronson. ... We were talking about hitting a lot during the WBC [both men played for the DR]. He wants to learn. He's a hard worker, good kid. ... When I was 24 the ability that he has right now I didn't have it and I was in the big leagues, just like him. Wait until you see him. He looks like a football player. He's huge. He's got legs like nobody I've ever seen. ... The best thing that happened to him was coming over here. He can learn from all of us.
(Ortiz also felt like he "wasted a lot of time" by playing in the WBC. The seven games "wasn't worth it, to get ready for the season.")

SoSHer Sille Skrub wraps it up better than I can:
3/20/2006 will be known as the day Theo stole Wily Mo Pena from the Reds. I really can't believe that there isn't more jubilation for this trade. Maybe I am over-hyping it because I have followed the Reds and seen what WMP can do. ... With all due respect, at 29 years old we have seen the ceiling of Bronson's abilites. ... If WMP comes anywhere close to his ceiling, this trade will be a certain laugher in years to come. ... Best case scenario he becomes an anchor in the middle of the lineup for years to come. ... Worst case scenario, the Sox get a perfect platoon-mate for Trot and a legitimate PH threat for the end of games. ... You are basically trading your 7th or 8th best starter option/long reliever for a potential Jessie Barfield. ... I'd much rather watch and see if WMP can blossom in to an all-star while hitting bombs on the Pike rather than throwing Bronson out there on every fifth day hoping the "good Bronson" shows up.
And The Gray Eagle adds:
If he had played AAA ball this year, he would be one of the very top prospects in the game, IMO. He probably would have cranked 40 HRs and stolen 25 bases and gunnned down many runners if he was a 23-year-old in AAA, and he would have been unavailable for less than a ton in return. If we were picking him up in that scenario, the glee on this board would be over the top.
Cincinnati Perspective: Analysis at Reds (And Blues) and mixed feelings at Redleg Nation.

Also: Pena hit some bombs in BP this morning. ... David Wells will probably make his first regular season start on April 12 (2nd time through the rotation). ... The Sox signed outfielder Juan Gonzalez to a minor league deal. ... The Phillies are expected to discuss (now-expendable) outfielder Dustan Mohr.


Jack Marshall said...

I am just super-jazzed about Willy Mo, and cannot comprehend why so many Sox fans question the move. It makes so much sense, its almost too good to be true.

JT said...

I hope that he doesn't replace trot