March 5, 2006

Wells Rescinds Trade Request

Reports the AP:
Boston Red Sox left-hander David Wells rescinded his trade request and said Sunday there was a "99.9" percent chance he would retire after the upcoming season.

He said he told Boston general manager Theo Epstein of his decision on Saturday. ...

"Obviously, they want to keep me," Wells said. "I think we're a better team this year than we were last year, so if you're going to go out on top you might as well do it with a team that you feel good with and this is it. So I told Theo I'd probably just stay."
I'll never join the Wells fan club, but this is good, good news. Barring injury, we'll start the season with both Arroyo and Papelbon in the bullpen. That is some nice depth.

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Zenslinger said...

Yeah, though we're not going to start the season with Wells. If they move Clement, either Arroyo or Papelbon will start some. And that's before anyone gets hurt during the season. So...yes, it's good to have the depth. Though what they'd do if they didn't move Clement is anyone's guess.