March 25, 2006

Everyone Loves A Contest #3

It's that time once again -- to predict the Red Sox's regular season record.

To increase participation over previous years, I am offering (thanks to my own insanity) what I think is a pretty neat prize:
A DVD-R featuring more than 13,000 files from the 2004 season. I'm still gathering stuff from various CDRs, but what it will include is every single Red Sox story (or at least 99.9% of them) from the Boston Globe, Boston Herald, Providence Journal, Hartford Courant, Springfield Republican,, and many out-of-town papers; stories from the four main New York papers during every MFY series; photos from throughout the year, including many of the World Series parade; and a whole bunch of other off-beat stuff.

There are also more than a dozen video montages made by fans, guaranteed to bring tears of joy to your eyes; some of coolest footage is from the upper deck in St. Louis showing the final out of Game 4. Plus audio files of the WEEI broadcasts of ALCS Games 4-7 and all four World Series games.
To fill out the disc, I'm also including the last few months of the 2003 season (detailing all the Schilling and Slappy drama).

Plus, there will be no tiebreaker this year. Everyone who comes closest to the Red Sox regular season record will win. (Is Franco still out there? He's won both the 2004 and 2005 contests!)

I'll accept emails until noon, April 2 (the day before Opening Day). Email me here.

Edit: Forgot something. Just for fun, also include where you think the Sox will finish. Something like: "1st, 2 GA NY" or "2nd, 4 GB Tor" or "5th, 33 GB TB".

Good luck.


dabdiputs said...

whilst i mull over my entry, i'd like to ask why you have to limit what sounds like a great artifact to a few winners. if you seed it on bittorrent, it won't cost you much in bandwidth, and i'm sure lots of people would be interested.
just a thought, mostly suggested because i probably won't win.

allan said...

i thought this might come up. sigh. i'll look into it, but can't promise anything.

i'll also post a URL that has various video and audio files (bookmarked at home).

allan said...

there are also videos posted at i recognize some of them.

go to
to download them to your computer.

allan said...

There are some 2004 videos here:

From the Vined Smithy said...

What about allowing us to pay a small fee for this DVD-R? I'd certainly be willing to pay for materials and shipping plus a few dollars. Maybe you could allow us to pay you via Paypal or something similar if you're uncomfortable with making your physical address public.

Thank you very much for these links!