March 18, 2006

WBC Semi-Finals

The WBC semi-finals are today. With any luck, I'll be able to follow both games at work on my computer.
Cuba vs Dominican Republic   3:00 pm
Japan vs Korea 10:00 pm
The two winners will play for the championship Monday night at 9:00.

Previous meetings

Round 1
March 5 - Korea 3, Japan 2

Round 2
March 13 - Dominican Republic 7, Cuba 3
March 15 - Korea 2, Japan 1


Jack Marshall said...

I love the WBC, but boy do I hate the spin coming off Team USA's flop. Tom Boswell picks up the theme: the other teams plyed "real" baseball and the US played steroid-ball, waiting for big hits that never came, and this signals a back to basics movement in the game. Please.

The USA lost because some of its stars were sleep-walking and trying to avoid injuries (ARod, natch), because Dontrelle Willis stunk up the joint twice, and because the other teams cared and the US didn't give damn. Plus the obvious fact that 6 games at any time are meaningless, and 6 games in the spring are especially meaningless, and six games in the spring against pitchers you've never seen before are extra-special meaningless. Somehow I can't see 6 games persuading US managers to start having home run hitters bunt in the second inning, like Oh had the Japanese doing. That isn't "real baseball:" that's "dumb baseball."

laura k said...

The US loses and it's supposed to be an event of global magnitude. Out come the excuses.