March 31, 2006

Lineups and 25-Man Roster

Terry Francona's likely lineups:
vs RHPs              vs LHPs
Crisp CF Crisp CF
Loretta 2B Loretta 2B
Ortiz DH Ortiz DH
Ramirez LF Ramirez LF
Nixon RF Varitek C
Varitek C Lowell 3B
Lowell 3B Pena RF
Youkilis/Snow 1B Youkilis 1B
Gonzalez SS Gonzalez SS
I'd like to think that "Youkilis/Snow" at first against RHP means that when Snow plays first, Youkilis will occasionally remain in the lineup and move over to third. Maybe it just means that when Snow starts, it'll only be against righties. Thankfully, Francona has said Yook will be the regular starter.

And although it will change in the next few weeks -- as David Wells comes off the DL when the Sox need a 5th starter and Adam Stern fulfills his Rule V obligations (and can then be sent to Pawtucket) -- but here is the Opening Day roster:

Schilling, Wakefield, Beckett, Clement
DiNardo, Riske, Seanez, Tavarez, Timlin, Papelbon, Foulke
Crisp, Loretta, Ortiz, Ramirez, Nixon, Varitek, Lowell, Youkilis, Gonzlaez
Bard, Cora, Snow, Pena, Stern
However, Tavarez was suspended (for the 6th time) for 10 days, which will take effect on April 3. No word on if he will appeal.

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