March 21, 2006

Edes On Wells/Idiot Story: Bogus

In a Globe chat, Gordon Edes commented on the recent Wells/Tito flap:
[T]he whole thing was a manufactured attempt at controversy created by a reporter who began the week with a sensationalized story about Wells not in camp, implying that he was unhappy. Turns out that Wells had an excused absence to attend a charity event on the other side of the state, which the reporter eventually got around to reporting. Then, IMO, he misrepresented some stuff that Francona had said to Wells -- who we all know has a big mouth anyway, and Wells popped off. The whole thing was bogus. In any event, Wells met with Francona and apologized.
I think the writer in question is Dave Heuschkel of the Courant, though he's never seemed like the type to stir shit up for its own sake. I assume he has a solid relationship with many players because his quotes often have extra info, or a warmth or a bit of humour, missing from the other writers' stories.

Edes also noted that Arroyo was "deeply wounded" but did not feel betrayed by the Sox, and that Wells will stay and be the fifth man in the rotation after Schilling, Wakefield, Beckett and Clement.

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