March 11, 2006


Sean McAdam asks: Will Sox fans ever forgive poor Grady?


Earl said...

I hate when writers write stuff like this: "From the day he was fired by the Red Sox until the day he was hired by the Dodgers last December..."

Don't these guys have fact-checkers? I mean, maybe saying that Little was fired makes him seem like a more sympathetic figure, but it doesn't make it true.

Assistant Village Idiot said...

There's a difference between forgive as in "we all make mistakes," and forgive has in "no big deal, it could happen to anyone." The former, sure. I've done incredibly stupid things in my life. The latter, trying to pretend it wasn't a big mistake, nah, I'm not interested in that. If a meathead like me could know that Pedro's ERA went up over 6 after 100 pitches, then Grady should've known it.

allan said...

And every single time I see that moron quoted as saying "I lost my job over one bad decision" I want to scream.

That dolt make two fucking years of idiotic decisions. Not a game went by without at least one inexplicable Gumpism.

That the 2003 team did so well with that huge millstone around its neck is amazing.

All those comeback victories? Many of them happened because the Grinning Jackass put the team in a hole with his assinine decisions.

I used to hate him with the burning rage of 1,000 suns.

2004 changed that.

Now I hate him with the burning rage of 700 suns.

Jack Marshall said...

Redsock, I'm with you on Grady, as you know. I'll forgive him when I forgive Don Zimmer for cheating the Sox out of two pennants in '77 and '78 with his pig-headed management of a superior team, which is to say, never. The 2003 Sox lost so many games they should have won with his idiotic, seat-of-the-pants "philosophy," and his failure in the play-offs was a failure of character, not strategy. He froze at the switch, that's all. And he STILL doesn't get it!!!!

laura k said...

And he STILL doesn't get it!!!!

He's lucky he doesn't get it. If he did, he might jump off a bridge.