March 25, 2006

Foulke: 13 Pitches, 10 Strikes, 3 K

Keith Foulke made his spring debut on Friday, striking out all three AAA batters he faced on 13 pitches (10 strikes).

When asked if his first and third strikeouts were on changeups, Foulke snapped: "Were you even watching the game? The first one was a high fastball. There's an ophthalmologist down the street if you need one." Heh.

On his knees:
The knees are good at this point. The knees are a nonfactor. Now it's all about getting my mechanics set. ... My fastball was still a little up in the zone, but I kept them off balance enough. ... [The changeups are] moving down and they're good speed. The hitters react how I wanted them to react -- they didn't react until the last second. That's encouraging to me.
Schilling: "He was phenomenal. That's as good as I've seen him look since October 2004. That's exciting."

In Wednesday's 5-4 loss to the Yankees, there were three HBP. In the seventh, JT Snow was hit on the left triceps by Mike Myers. In the bottom of the inning, David Riske hit Derek Jeter in the back with a split-fingered fastball. Then Tanyon Sturtze drilled Mike Lowell in the hip in the top of the eighth.

Tito: "Derek got hit with a split. We knew it, they knew it. He got hit with a split-finger and Lowell gets one in the ribs. I wasn't too pleased with it."

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