June 2, 2006

G52: Red Sox 3, Tigers 2

Yooooooook! Trailing 2-1 and down to their final out, the Red Sox rallied against Todd Jones. Mike Lowell singled to center and Willie Harris went in to pinch-run. Kevin Youkilis looked at a strike before banging a two-run home run to left.

Jonathan Papelbon notched his 20th save (in 20 chances) with a perfect bottom of the ninth, striking out Ivan Rodriguez to end the game.


Schilling / Rogers, 7 PM

Crisp, CF Granderson, CF
Loretta, 2B Polanco, 2B
Ortiz, DH Thames, DH/RF
Ramirez, LF Ordonez, DH/RF
Varitek, C Guillen, SS
Lowell, 3B Shelton, 1B
Youkilis, 3B Monroe, LF
Nixon, RF Inge, 3B
Gonzalez, SS Wilson, C


brian said...

It might be the HR speaking, but Youkilis has been our offensive MVP through the first 52 games.

Oh, good job by Lowell to get on base with the single before Youk's blast.

Great win. Good start, good relief, lights out 9th.

Ben said...

By today's standards no, because the protoypical MVP is a power hitter, but I think if you take into consideration the fact that he filled in for the lead off spot and was best in the league, then yes, he's been the Sox's MVP so far.

Pap's on pace for 60 by the way. Just wanted to put that out there.

Zeke Hunkaburning said...

The Genius of Tito

Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant!

Moving Youk down to the 7 spot and listening to Lowell, who was questionable coming into the game, and letting him play.

You can chalk this one up to a game won by the manager.

The genius of the man's managerial moves is sometimes as amazing as the unexplainable idiocy he occaisonally demenostrates.

After a game of borderline ball & strike calls, Youk patiently waited for his pitch, saw it and put it out. Man, that is a spacious ballpark!

Yeah, B, Youk has been the "Quiet MVP", so far.

Stellah performance by Schill, and John (Light's Out) Papelbon continues to amaze. I see he is now collecting game balls from Varitek after the saves. He's not as dumb as I look.

We'll see what Detroit is really made of this series. This is a stretch of tough games for them.

We really need to win Schill's, Beckett's, and Wake's starts.

Devine said...


I was screaming, *screaming* "Yes!" at the top of my lungs on that homer. The people upstairs must have been scared.

Good job by Seanez not to buckle after Youk's nasty error with 2 out in the 8th.


redsock said...

This was clearly one of those nights to be at home watching the tube and not at work, missing the first six innings and following only bits of the 7th and 8th. Rats.

I did "watch" the 9th, however.

Jack Marshall said...

OK, 'fess up: who was the moron who argued that moving Youk down in the order was a mistake?

Oh...yeah...it was me...

Lowell's hit was just as clutch as Youk's, actually...and you're so right, Divine...Rudy showed real grit not letting the error ruin the inning.

Stupid Color Man Comment of the Night: After Youkilis dropped the throw, the Detroit color man actually said, "Well, first isn't Youkilis' natural position, and it looked like he was trying to figure out which way to turn his glove." The guy has been playing a Gold Glove first base all year, and this moron, who is paid to follow the game, attributes a fluke error to Youkilis not knowing how to play the position!

He did make me laugh earlier, though, thinking about the exchanges on this site. When Riske came in, he yelled, "Oh no! Riske! This guy just kills the Tigers!"

And ya know...he did!

Peter N said...

Tek bats 5th against lefties. But YOOOOUUUUKKKK............

The Couch Potato said...

I have nothing to add but *beatific smile* Maybe one of the top couple of wins this season?

Zenslinger said...

Almost as precious to get the clean innings from Riske and Saenz as it was to get the quality start, routine (?!?!?!) save, and heroic ninth.

redsock said...

OK, 'fess up: who was the moron who argued that moving Youk down in the order was a mistake?

Oh...yeah...it was me...

Me too. Not really a mistake, just not the best use of his talents.

And I still think that. A Coco/Yook 1-2 would be quite nice.

Jack Marshall said...

Shhhh...! (I still agree, But I can't muster the guts to make the argument today. Maybe after Loretta cools off...)