June 8, 2006


Jason Grimsley has told federal investigators that he used human growth hormone and allegedly named many other players who were also users.

According to Gordon Edes's report
Grimsley painted a picture of a drug culture in baseball that went beyond the use of steroids and HGH. He said that "boatloads" of players used amphetamines, according to the affidavit, often mixing them in coffee marked "leaded" and "unleaded," and said that in many cases, "Latin players" were the suppliers. He also said players for California teams could easily buy drugs in Mexico and sell them to players located elsewhere.
Rob Manfred, baseball's chief labor negotiator: "Human growth hormone [is] a problem for all sports because there is no universally accepted and validated test -- either blood or urine."

Representative Henry Waxman (D) of California: "The absence of testing for HGH in the MLB policy is a huge loophole." ... Indeed (cough).

In the Herald, John Tomase quotes this sentence from the FBI's report
Grimsley also identified XXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXX, a former Major League Baseball player, as one of his better friends in baseball. Grimsley stated that [sic] knows XXXXXXXXX used human growth hormone...
and bemoans the fact that "the good folks in the federal government don't believe in fixed-width fonts like Courier New [so we can] discern exactly how many letters comprise the mystery man's last name."

Grimsley's affidavit can be found (in PDF format) at the Arizona Republic.

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