June 3, 2006

G53: Tigers 6, Red Sox 2

Why is Julian Tavarez pitching in high-leverage situations? Why?

Batters hit his first 15 pitches to the tune of .317/.382/.533. Magglio Ordonez jumped on pitch #2, lining a three-run homer in the eighth inning that turned a 2-3 game to a 2-6 loss. ... Tito: If the difference in runs is four or higher, then Tavarez can pitch.

Once again, Tim Wakefield (7-6-3-2-6, 99) gets screwed with no run support. ... And Matt Clement goes tomorrow. Yipee. Even hitting against a guy making his major league debut, I question whether the Sox can score enough runs.


Wakefield / Bonderman, 7 PM


suzy lux said...

did anyone see that promo ad for 'the omen' on the bottom of the screen during the nesn broadcast earlier?
i just wrote to nesn to complain. i mean, during the game, they showed that annoying, obstructing shit.

meanwhile, tavarez just gave up a 3-run homer in the eighth to put detroit up 6-2. thx pal. thx alot.

Zeke Hunkaburning said...


How the French say pathetic!

Especially relating to how the Red Sox support Tim Wakefield.

If we need to send Delcarmen back to Podunk, can we send Taverez to Podunk Junction?

In seven Wake losses the Sox have scored 6 runs?

Why isn't Cora the starting shortstop and Gonzales the backup? We gain at the very least a bit more offense and lose very little in defense.

Is it the knuckleball? Does this team suffer from a subconscious aversion to playing winning ball when Tim is on the mound?

Thanks, again Trot. For the RBI on the road and for the top ten OBP.

Jack Marshall said...

Bonderman. We can complain about Wake's lousy luck and Taveras' first pitch meatball, but Bonderman looks to me to be every bit as amazing a young pitcher as Kazmir, and the guy is 23. The Yankees caught him on an off day last time, and from what I saw last night, this guy isn't going to have many. I'm a big Becket fan, but I'd trade Becket for Bonderman in a heartbeat.

Clement will win today.

And one more thought to chew on. Paplebon has actually HURT the Sox by being so perfect, making it impossible for them to make him a starter and instantly give the Sox as good a starting four as any in the league. The stats tell us that an average closer would have blown 4-5 of Papelbon's saves, but that the Sox would have won about three of them eventually anyway. Two games. You tell me: would the Sox have won two more games with Papelbon in the Wells-Di Nardo-Minor League Lamb slot? Wouldn't you rather have Papelbon starting against the Yankees than Pauley? But I agree: as long as Papelbon looks like the Ghost of Dick Radatz out there, no manager or GM would have the guts to move him.

Peter N said...

Jack, I so much agree. Matt WILL win today...and then NYC, just where we want to be. And I mean that!

Peter N said...

And Papelbon hurting the Sox? No way.....an elite closer is so much tougher to come by. And no manager, GM, or anybody with half a brain would even imagine him elsewhere for our club. Do the words "blown save" ring a bell? Haven't heard that much this year, have we? I am fully confident that the front office will provide us with a starter. And soon. Maybe we're just days away from Lester's first pro start. Especially if David Wells' knee continues to throb. The only reason he's not coming up for Tuesday is because the club is being wise in not throwing him into the verbal and actual fire that is Yankee Stadium. Don't worry, be happy.

Jack Marshall said...

Pete, read my post again. TWO GAMES. Closers are the most over-valued commodities in baseball by miles...and young quality starters are NOT easy to come by. If you were right, then Clemens and Randy Johnson would have been turned into closers. It's oh-so-easy math: Papelbon for 250 innings a season, or Papelbon for 90 innings.

Or look at it this way: last season the Sox had no Pedro, no Schilling, offensive voids at first and second and a sieve at shortstop to go with no closer. How many fewer games did they win than the year before, with Foulke having a great year as closer? How can anyone compare those two seasons and conclude that a lights-out closer is that much more valuable than an average one?

It's an illusion, that's all. A powerful one, but still an illusion.

Peter N said...

Well, just in case, this is an illusion I can embrace. And hey, thanks for geting back. You know your stuff. Take care, and enjoy our win today. Looks like we'll see our first look at Jon Lester Saturday, at Fenway, with 37,000 peple chanting his name. Nice, huh??

Peter N said...

And Paps for 90 innings and 40 plus saves??? PRICELESS. Way more productive for the team and its record.

Jack Marshall said...

I embrace it sometimes myself, Peter...like, say, when Heathcliff Slocumb was the closer. When did you hear they were going with Lester? Last I heard, they were going to trot Pauley back out because of Lester's delicate psyche or some such nonsense. If it's Lester, GOOD, and damn right I'm excited about that.

Peter N said...

Pauly is going Tuesday...we have a doubleheader against the Rangers on Saturday.....I saw the news on the GlobeBlog.. I'll find it and be back.

Peter N said...

Here it is, and then I have to go to have lunch. Enjoy the game!! June 04, 2006

Lester on Saturday?
By Gordon Edes, Globe Staff
Terry Francona wouldn't announce his pitching plans for next weekend, when the Sox need an extra pitcher for the day-night double-header against Texas, but there are strong indications that highly touted lefty Jon Lester will make his big league debut Saturday at the Fens. Lester was to have pitched yesterday for Pawtucket, but was scratched both yesterday and today and is scheduled to go Monday in Indianapolis.

How long will Lester stay? That could depend on a couple of things, most notably the progress David Wells makes coming back from his severely bruised knee. Francona said yesterday that Wells is not yet able to throw, making it increasingly improbable he'll come off the DL on the weekend.

Mike Lowell (hammy) and Mark Loretta (toe) were each given today off. Kevin Youkilis is playing third and batting in the 2-hole, JT Snow is playing first and batting seventh, and Alex Cora is hitting ninth.

Peter N said...

And Jack, here's the link to that Blog, wich maybe you should bookmark. Good stuff, every day! http://www.boston.com/sports/baseball/redsox/extras/extra_bases/

Beth said...

As for why Tavarez was pitching...

With two outs, Red Sox manager Terry Francona spotted a matchup he loved. Magglio Ordonez was 0-for-6 lifetime against Julian Tavarez. So out of the bullpen came the sinkerballer.

Mirabelli called for a sinking fastball on 1-0 that would hopefully ride in on Ordonez. Instead, the Tigers rightfielder walloped an all-too-meaty offering over the wall in left-center, turning a tight 3-2 game into a four-run lead for Detroit.

"I wanted Tavarez to face Ordonez, good move on my part," quipped Francona.

For whatever reason, Tavarez, a reliable setup man for the Cardinals the last couple of years, has not been able to get into that same rhythm with Boston.

"Sometimes with guys, not everything is perfect," Francona said. "If it was, it would be an easy game to play. A guy like Ordonez, who he had had a lot of success against, he let him extend his arms, and he leaned all over that ball."