June 8, 2006

Rotation Gets A Breather

Yesterday's rainout allowed the Red Sox some flexibility with the pitching staff.

Curt Schilling will pitch tonight (against Jaret Wright, a Curt-Unit matchup being unlikely), Tim Wakefield will go Friday, Matt Clement and Josh Beckett will probably pitch Saturday's doubleheader before David Pauley gets another start on Sunday. ... The rainout will keep Jon Lester in Pawtucket.

Keith Foulke's back has been causing him pain since June 1 (he last pitched May 31): "Until it lets go it's going to be tough for me to do anything. [The pain] is in between the middle [of my back] and the top of my butt. It hurts to turn, it hurts to bend, it hurts to pitch. It's the first time it's bothered me since probably the playoffs in '03."

The Red Sox considered putting him on the disabled list, but have decided instead to just ride it out. Francona: "He probably needs at the most two or three [more] days." ... So even though the Sox are carrying 12 pitchers, they are still short-handed.

Gabe Kapler will join the Portland Sea Dogs (AA) tonight. ... The Red Sox and Yankees have five games scheduled for four days in August (18-19-20-21) and with yesterday's rainout probably will play four times in three days in mid-September (15-16-17). ... At 1.5 games out, Boston has not been this far behind the Yankees since June 21, 2005.

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Zenslinger said...

Extra Bases is now saying Lester will go in Game 1 on Saturday, Clement back to Sunday, and Pauley not scheduled to start now, ready to relieve.

That shows a lot of confidence in Lester given Pauley's good performance. I realize Texas ain't Yankee Stadium in terms of atmosphere but they're still some big bats to send a young guy up against. I'm glad at the possibility of his doing very well and becoming a regular. Hate to put the pressure on him, but we won't know until we try him.