June 12, 2006

Three Cents

After 2004, I put together a book of my blog posts from that life-changing season. I did it solely for myself -- in addition to all the other books, magazines and videos I now have on my shelves, I wanted a physical record of my thoughts and mood swings from October 16, 2003 to October 30, 2004.

I put up a link to the Cafe Press page last April but didn't care if anyone else bought a copy. (And honestly, I wouldn't have bought it if I wasn't me. CP's production costs put the price at $21.07. That's steep. I rounded it up to $21.10, so my "royalty" on each sale is three pennies.) Like I said, I did it for myself.

Last week, I was shocked to see that on May 25, someone ordered a copy! ... So if JK from California is out there, send me an email.

1 comment:

L-girl said...

JoS readers might be interested to know you edited out all the political content.

Instead of buying a copy, can I just give you three cents?