June 27, 2006

Ortiz: 13 Walk-Offs In 3+ Seasons!

07/26/03 Yankees - RBI double - 5-4
09/23/03 Orioles - Solo homer - 6-5 (10)
04/11/04 Blue Jays - 2-run HR - 6-4 (12)
06/11/04 Dodgers - RBI single - 2-1
10/08/04 Angels - 2-run HR - 8-6 (10)
10/17/04 Yankees - 2-run HR - 6-4 (12)
10/18/04 Yankees - RBI single - 5-4 (14)
06/02/05 Orioles - 3-run HR - 6-4
09/06/05 Angels - Solo homer - 3-2
09/29/05 Blue Jays - RBI single - 5-4
06/11/06 Rangers - 3-run homer - 5-4
06/24/06 Phillies - 2-run homer -5-3 (10)
06/26/06 Phillies - RBI single - 8-7 (12)
Then there are these three road games, not technically walk-offs:
08/16/05 Tigers - Solo HR in 9th to tie,
3-run HR in 10th - 10-7
09/12/05 Blue Jays - 2-out solo HR in 11th
(2nd HR of game) - 6-5
09/14/05 Blue Jays - 2-run HR in 9th - 5-3
Coco Crisp:
He's unbelievable. When he comes up, you just know he's going to come through. You just wait for the right opportunity to jump over the gate so you can be the first to greet him.
Alex Cora:
I was saying on the bench, if you don't pitch to David in the 11th because you're afraid he's going to beat you, why pitch to him in the 12th? I guess Charlie knows Manny. It's tough. ... I saw this out west where you didn't want Barry [Bonds] to beat you. But that was just Barry. Not to take anything away from Jeff Kent and those guys, but the distance between whoever was hitting fourth in San Fran and the man hitting third was huge. It's not like that here.
Gabe Kapler:
I don't know how he does it, to be honest with you. At this point it's semi-cartoonish.
The victory was also the team's ninth straight win, their longest streak since they won 10 in a row from August 24 to September 3, 2004. The Sox have also swept three consecutive series (three-game minimum) for the first time since July 15-24, 1988.

Jonathan Papelbon's ERA shot up to 0.46. It's a strange feeling, being shocked when a Red Sox relief pitcher gives up a run (considering Rudy Seanez has now allowed 10 of 14 unherited runners to score) but watching Chase Utley's home run off Papelbon was disorienting.

Wily Mo Pena will spent this weekend at the extended spring training camp in Fort Myers before heading to Pawtucket. Pena is going to play games at first base for the PawSox, a position he has played in winter ball.

The New York Mets' arrival has coincided with the 20th anniversary celebration of the 1986 Red Sox team.

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