June 15, 2006

G64: Twins 5, Red Sox 3

Swept. ... Plus I had to listen to Joe Sciambi and Joe Morgan on ESPN2. Oh the humanity! Some notes:
ESPN2 is on the air for about four seconds before Morgan says something moronic: Sure, Kevin Youkilis gets on base a lot, but he's too slow to score many runs or strike fear in the defense.

Neither announcer can be bothered to say whether the two errant Wakefield pitches in the first inning are wild pitches or passed balls. They never mentioned them.

Morgan on the Red Sox pitching staff: "Schilling will give you a lot of wins because he's a winner."

With Morneau batting in the second inning, Morgan notes "something interesting in the statistics": Wakefield hold LH batters to a .175 or so average -- so that may be why Castillo and Punto (both switch-hitters) batted right in the first inning. Very timely, Joe.

At one point Sciambi gushes over Joe Mauer: "He plays every. single. day." Mauer has played in 59 of Minnesota's 65 games.

Morgan after Varitek pinch-hits in the 8th with the bases loaded (as the go-ahead run) and pops up the first fucking pitch: "No reason to go up looking for a walk when the tying run is at second."

This afternoon, Cleveland beat New York 8-4 and Toronto topped Baltimore 4-2, so at game time tonight, the East standings are:
Boston 36 27 --
Toronto 38 29 --
New York 37 28 --
Boston has scored only three runs in 21 innings against the Twins. Two of those runs came on solo home runs (Varitek, Crisp). Alex Gonzalez has the other RBI. This is unacceptable.

Tim Wakefield (3.93) / Carlos Silva (7.73), 8 PM


Jere said...

I think you gave the Yanks two losses and the Jays two wins today. Or maybe I'm wrong.

suzy lux said...

the metrodome sucks!!!!!

suzy lux said...

ok we had two on in the 7th, 1 out, julian tavarez warming in the pen and mirabelli at the plate instead of tek (who was in the dugout with a bat in his hand)


brian said...

Another run charged to Tavarez.

Too bad we couldn't have traded him for Javy Lopez.

Jonah Falcon said...

Actually, the standings are:

Yankees: 37-27 --
Red Sox: 36-28 1
Blue Jays: 37-29 1

The Red Sox are ahead of the Blue Jays by .002

Marc said...

I agree with suzy lux about the Metrodome. Ortiz hit a ball that MAY have gone 500 feet had it not hit the speaker, and they call it a single? Ridiculous! At the very least, it should be a ground-rule double (which may have changed the outcome of the game, since Manny would not have hit an inning-ending DP as a result).

That was one of the worst series I've seen. The Twins aren't that good, but we made them look like the 1927 Yankees. Red Sox Nation is not happy today...


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redsock said...

In the future, please do not include commercials/spam in your comments. Thanks.

Peter N said...

Papi's single was a travesty. Anyone have any matches and a fire excellerant for that dome? And go Jon Lester.