June 15, 2006

Video: Bat Boy Tackles Fan On Field

Nearly forgot about this. Last night, in the top of the eighth as David Ortiz was about to bat, a fan ran onto the field. I'm pretty sure the guy was running the bases. He ended up making a head first slide into home. When he got up, he was promptly tackled by the Red Sox bat boy -- who also managed to get in a few punches.

After the moron was hauled off -- and after both teams gave the kid a standing ovation -- FSN actually showed a replay of the tackle. Ortiz was amused.

Thanks to Aaron Gleeman.


vheddyrmv8 said...

I was at the game last night, and it was actually 2 fans that ran on the field, they were about 10 rows down from me as they hopped the fence (I was on the third base side) and started running towards center field. One of them gave Torii Hunter a high five, while the other proceeded to run from second base to home. The one in center field was arrested immidiately, while the baserunner was tackled by the Sox bat boy. Made the Sox fans' day, as there wasn't much else to be happy about.

GoTwins said...

yea that wasn't the best part of the game though cause look at the score... Go Twins