September 30, 2007


Angels at Red Sox
Yankees at Cleveland
Cubs at Diamondbacks
[Padres/Rockies] at Phillies
The Rockies won 13 of their final 14 games (including 11 in a row from September 16-27) to force a one-game playoff in Denver tomorrow against the Padres that will decide the NL wild card winner.

Meanwhile, the Mets lost six of their last seven games (and 12 of their final 17), falling from 7 GA in the NL East to 1 GB. They were out of today's game right from the start, as the Marlins scored seven runs in the top of the first against Tom Glavine.

If the Rockies prevail tomorrow night, there will be seven teams (out of eight) in this year's post-season that did not make the playoffs last season.


CaKeY said...

Man I'm glad I'm not a Mets fan today. Feel bad for Pedro though.

redsock said...

Three teams have blown a seven-game lead in September:

1938 Pirates led by seven on September 1, with 26 games left

1934 Giants led by seven on September 6, with 21 games left

2007 Mets led by seven on September 12, with 17 games left

Whle the Mets lost 12 of 17, the Phillies won 13 of 17.

Jason Feeblefinger said...

wait, that last part isnt right. IIRC, both the angels and yankees were in the playoffs last year. that makes it 6/8 teams, not 7/8

redsock said...

A's won the West last year. ANA/LAA was there in 04 and 05, though.

AL: MFY, Det, Min, Oak

Only MFY returning for sure right now (though SD could also).

tim said...

Only MFY returning for sure right now

And we all know that's worth shit all!