September 22, 2007

NYP: 1.108 OPS = Horrible Slump

A crayon-user at the New York Post says Alex Rodriguez's bat has gone cold in September. He's batting .333 and slugging .696 this month. The Post calls the guy who should be the unanimous choice for AL MVP "the hole in the middle of" his team's lineup.

Ken Tremendous does the rest. Many members of the traditional sports media love to ridicule bloggers, but most of the basement dwellers I know and read would be embarrassed at even thinking of typing such twaddle.

Yes, Slappy is 5-for-35 in his last nine games. New York is 6-3 in those games. I guess that's the point of this silliness. The Yankees can still win with this anchor (who is having the best season of his astonishing career) dragging their offense down.


CaKeY said...

If you take his numbers and distribute them over nine players you get the Red Sox starting line up lol.

L-girl said...

You and your facts!

mugro said...

Yeah, bloggers SUCK!!

In the meantime, we the consumers realize that you produce more factual information about the team than both city newspapers could ever hope to publish.

More evidence that traditional print media is dying.

Good riddance to most of it, as it is controled by armchair liberal brahmins. Most Americans do not identify with their old fashioned views anyway....

redsock said...

Good riddance to most of [traditional print media], as it is controled by armchair liberal brahmins.

Most of the print media is certainly old-fashioned, but it's hardly liberal. The refusal of almost all of the sports media to embrace (or even give a fair hearing to) new ways of looking at baseball is shockingly closed minded.

Re the "liberal media" trope, I'll quote William Kristol:

"I admit it. The liberal media were never that powerful, and the whole thing was often used as an excuse by conservatives for conservative failures."

and Patrick Buchanan (1996):

"For heaven sakes, we kid about the 'liberal media,' but every Republican on earth does that."

L-girl said...

Someone who wants Joy of Sox to be apolitical might think twice before claiming the media is controlled by liberals!