September 19, 2007

Rookie Hazing

As the Red Sox left Fenway Park for their last road trip of the regular season, tradition dictates that the rookies have to wear whatever costumes the veterans hand them.

So Daisuke Matsuzaka was dressed in a Teletubby outfit (his translator wore one too!), Clay Buchholz was a female pirate, Jacoby Ellsbury was Little Red Riding Hood and Brandon Moss was Dorothy from the "Wizard of Oz," complete with pony tail wig and Toto in a basket.

The Globe has a video link and I found an AP picture of Dice, but no other pictures.


Jere said...

sock, a full video is at the WBZ site. (Thanks, Redsoxchick)

L-girl said...

I'm digging My Boy in his red dress. Nice legs!

Thanks for posting. It's something I look forward to every year.

L-girl said...

WBZ video