September 17, 2007

"He Kept His Mask On!!!"

Thanks to SoSHer mt8thsw9th.


tim said...


Oh, and for the record, El Guapo for RSN Prez!

L-girl said...

They'll never get over it.

ish said...

Globe: There was little chance of the Sox clubhouse dissolving in melancholy, however, not on a night in which an abashed Daisuke Matsuzaka donned a lime-green Teletubby outfit to wear to Toronto as part of the annual rookie hazing ritual. His translator, Masa Hoshino, got to be a purple Teletubby, and there was no telling what Hideki Okajima would be wearing, though his translator, Jeff Yamaguchi, was the choice to wear an Evel Knievel jumpsuit and Jacoby Ellsbury had a fluffy dress hanging in his locker.