September 29, 2007

Surf's Up

New stuff added.

Five videos of the celebration (40+ minutes), including Bot wandering around with the beer case on his head.

Jere has pictures from the On-Field Clinching Party.

Nate Silver at BP gives us the thirteen worst collapses in baseball history. Gene Mauch's 1964 Phillies are at #10. (The 1978 Red Sox are #7, the 2002 Red Sox are #11, and the 2000 and 2001 teams almost made the list. Jesus.)

Chris Jaffe informs us that the 1971 Red Sox "got a worse OBP from their leadoff man than their No. 9 slot. This was before the AL adopted a DH. The mind boggles." ... And it wasn't close: the #9 spot was 10 points higher! The #9 spot also had more RBI and hit the same number of home runs.

Reason #4,502 Why Former Players Should Not Be Analysts: A group of 257 MLB non-pitchers were asked: "Which individual hitting statistic is the most meaningful?" Almost half of them said: RBI. ... Also, the 100 RBI benchmark should be abolished.

Will Fat Billy pitch for the Yankees in the post-season? The team has no idea. It's probably better for them if he doesn't.

John Walsh's Pitch Identification Tutorial. Very cool stuff!

Rookie hazing pictures from around the leagues! (Thanks to RSM, who also links to some crazy Wiffleball video.)

The Cubs won the NL Central and the Diamondbacks clinched a playoff spot (while flipping the bird to Pythagoras).

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