September 1, 2007

MRI For Manny

Manny Ramirez underwent an MRI test yesterday. Terry Francona:
How long is he going to be out? I don't think anybody knows. ... These type of things can be a week, they can be two weeks. ... [W]ith these type of injuries, when you try to rush and you go too fast, then you lose somebody for longer and that doesn't help, so we'll manage this the best we can.
A few days ago, Ramirez told NESN he thought he would miss about 10 games. In 2005, Trot Nixon missed 22 games with a similar injury.

Kazuhiro Takeda (Japan's pitching coach in the WBC, a broadcaster for NHK-Japan, and a former teammate of Hideki Okajima) on Daisuke Matsuzaka's start at Yankee Stadium on Monday:
It wasn't even half of what he could do. I talked to him earlier. He commented how long the season was over here and he's getting quite tired, but he's trying to save himself for later, also. ... In Japan his control was a lot better last year. Here, [the ball] is more slippery. I have watched him pitch a lot and he still has to get used to the ball. ...

Everyone in Japan is surprised [at Okajima's performance]. This changeup is so much better than when I played with him. He told me the ball over here moves a little more than it does in Japan. ... He might even get better because his control is so much better.

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