September 12, 2007

Clemens Expects To Face Red Sox on Sunday (But He Has 5 Days To Change His Mind)

Roger Clemens says tests revealed ligament damage in his right elbow, but says "right now I expect to" face the Red Sox at Fenway Park on Sunday night.

Rotoworld notes that "the Yankees said his MRI came back negative" -- Newsday says "only inflammation" -- so someone is fibbing.

Joe Torre did say that if for some strange reason Fat Billy does not take the mound against Curt Schilling -- which would be downright bizarre, as William has never backed down from a challenge or a big showdown before -- Phil Hughes will pitch.

SoSher The Grey Eagle offers "Secret Special Intangible Winning Tips and Advice For Young Pitchers That Influences Them to Become Winners, by Roger Clemens". Gold!

Terry Francona says he will not have Daisuke "9.57 ERA in his last five starts" Matsuzaka skip his next turn -- Friday against the Yankees.

Julio Lugo was a member of the Devil Rays when they began the 2004 season in Japan and he would love for the Red Sox to do the same in 2008.

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Jere said...

That Grey Eagle's a ripoff artist! kinda...