April 23, 2009

Offday Outtakes: Lucinda Williams

Lucinda Williams's 1988 self-titled album isn't perfect, but it's damn close. When it was released, I wrote:
"There is rarely a false note or insincere moment on Lucinda Williams. ... [Her] wonderful voice, both soaring and rock-steady, at times suggests early Bonnie Raitt. [There is a] relaxed confidence [to] the music, a hearty mixture of country, blues, rock and folk ... honest emotions and simply-stated dialogue ..."
The first seven tracks here are demos Williams recorded for that album in 1986. The rest of the set was recorded circa 1991-92, during the many sessions for Sweet Old World.
01  I Just Wanted To See You So Bad
02 The Night's Too Long
03 Like A Rose
04 Crescent City
05 Sidewalks Of The City
06 Passionate Kisses
07 Sundays
08 Six Blocks Away
09 Something About What Happens When We Talk
10 Sidewalks Of The City
11 Hot Blood
12 Little Angel, Little Brother
13 What You Don't Know
14 Sweet Old World
15 Prove My Love
16 Drivin' On A Dead-End Street
17 Lines Around Your Eyes
18 Pineola
19 Which Will (Nick Drake cover)


laura k said...

Yay Lucinda :)

Patrick said...

Hurray! Passionate Kisses never fails to put a smile on my face.