April 11, 2009

Pictures from The Big A

JoSer Andy is our West Coast Correspondent for the Angels series. Here are a few pictures he took and some thoughts on last night's trip to the ball park. (Click to enlarge.)


My Ride

From Above

Front Row Blues


The Face


I had an interesting thought while watching batting practice. The pitchers do the deep fielding for their teammates who are do everything they can to hit balls over their heads. Those pitchers have to participate in this every day. At some point in their careers they will be trying to keep that guy from hitting just like that.

In the field Jed and Lowell don't seem to be in sync. There was a couple times when Lowrie would look at Lowell with a what the fuck dude look on his face. It was subtle but it was there.

Abreu threw a ball into the stands after playing catch between innings, he actually tried to throw it into the stands. He missed. The ball boy had to run the ball down.

The Front Row Blues picture is what our seats looked like after we got back with food before the game. Autograph hunters crowded the whole front row until about game time.

At the start of the 9th they had to wait for Tek to clear the field. He was strolling in to maybe pinch hit for The Neighbor. That's trying to catch lightning in a bottle. Tek is money when he hits it. Otherwise he is the worst hitting catcher.

Jacoby and Bay were not in sync on one fly ball that fell. I think LBJ was gonna dive for it but bay was in the way.
Andy and I wanted to post pictures in the game thread as the night went on, but could not. We may try again this afternoon.

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