April 2, 2009

Penny Takes The Fifth

John Tomase, Herald:
After Brad Penny looked sharp during a five-inning outing today, Red Sox manager Terry Francona confirmed that he will start on April 12 in Anaheim ... as long as the weather cooperates.

Penny threw 79 pitches, allowing five hits and three runs. He struck out three and hit 96 mph on the stadium radar gun, then declared himself ready for the season.

"There was no pain," Penny said. "The velocity was there. I think today was probably the best overall stuff I've had all spring."

Penny will accompany the team to Boston for opening day before making a tuneup start, possibly at Single A Greenville, on Tuesday.
Dan Barbarisi, ProJo:
Brad Penny threw an up-and-down five innings in his final spring training start, interspersing stretches of excellence with flashes of vulnerability. ...

Penny allowed a single and an RBI triple in the 1st to Michael Cuddyer, and then an RBI double in the fourth to Cuddyer. Joe Crede drove him in with a single to give the Twins their third run.

In between those bad innings, Penny pitched perfect second, third, and fifth frames.
Adam Kilgore, Globe:
The Red Sox want to wait to make it official, but in Penny's mind, it's a closed issue: He knows he can start on April 12, the first date the Red Sox need a starter. No matter what, he's going to be with the Red Sox in Fenway Park for Opening Day, which he'll experience for the first time.

"Can't wait," he said. "Can't wait."
Which means Clay Buchholz will begin the year in Pawtucket, where he can start on a regular basis.
If Brad's healthy, he's a great pitcher. ... He's definitely going to help the club. Hopefully, he goes out and does what he does. If not, I'll be there to back him up. ... I'll be up in the major leagues sooner or later.


andy said...

I will be there at that game. I am kinda bummed. I wish it was someone who has already been with the team.

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tim said...

Let the schadenfreude continue!

HAHAHAHAHAHA "He's a complete asshole"

Goddamn Cito, that's great stuff.