April 4, 2009

Predictions: Globe & Mail, Yahoo, Rosenthal

Here are the picks from the two Globe and Mail writers. I could not find an online version, but this was in today's paper:
              Jeff Blair     Robert MacLeod
AL East Rays Red Sox
Red Sox (wc) Yankees (wc)
Yankees Rays
Blue Jays Blue Jays
Orioles Orioles

AL Central Cleveland Cleveland
AL West Angels Angels
NL East Phillies Phillies
NL Central Cubs Cubs
NL West Dodgers Dodgers
NL WC Marlins Reds

AL Pennant Red Sox Red Sox
NL Pennant Cubs Cubs
World Series Red Sox Cubs

AL MVP Sizemore Teixeira
AL Cy Young Lester Lester
Best AVG Pedroia Pedroia
RBI Leader Teixeira Teixeira
AL Wins Lester Matsuzaka
ERA Sabathia Halladay
Strikeouts Burnett Sabathia
Saves Papelbon Papelbon

Richard Griffin, Toronto Star:
The Jays and O's are stuck in the AL East with three superior teams, likely putting the division title and wild card out of reach.
Yes, likely.


Yahoo (Tim Brown, Jeff Passan, Gordon Edes and Steve Henson):
     Brown      Passan     Edes       Henson
AL E Rays 96 Red Sox 94 Red Sox 95 Red Sox 96
Red Sox 95 Rays 92 Rays 94 Rays 95
Yankees 87 Yankees 89 Yankees 92 Yankees 90

AL C Cleveland Cleveland Cleveland Twins
AL W Angels Rangers A's Angels

NL E Phillies Mets Mets Phillies
NL C Cubs Cubs Cubs Cubs
NL W Dodgers Dodgers Dodgers D'Backs

AL Red Sox Red Sox Red Sox Red Sox
NL Cubs Dodgers Mets D'Backs
WS Cubs Red Sox Red Sox Red Sox
Jonathan Lee, AccuScore analyst (Yahoo):

AccuScore uses past player performance statistics to describe how players perform under different environmental, match-up, and game situation conditions. Using projected starting lineups AccuScore simulates each game of the 2009 Season one at-bat at a time. By repeating the simulation 10,000 to 20,000 times per game AccuScore calculates the precise probability each team has of winning each game, winning their division, making the playoffs, advancing in the playoffs and winning the World Series.
                 WIN    DIV    MAKE   WIN    WIN

Red Sox 95 67 32.2% 46.5% 28.0% 19.5% 13.1%
Rays 93 69 28.1% 42.6% 24.7% 16.5% 10.6%
Yankees 91 71 25.4% 40.8% 21.9% 14.5% 9.1%
Blue Jays 80 82 11.5% 22.4% 9.6% 5.3% 2.4%
Orioles 68 94 2.8% 6.5% 1.8% 0.5% 0.1%

Ken Rosenthal, MSN/Fox:
AL East
Red Sox (WC)
Blue Jays

AL Central: Twins
AL West: Angels
ALDS: Rays over Twins / Red Sox over Angels
ALCS: Rays over Red Sox

NL East: Phillies
NL Central: Cubs
NL West: Dodgers
NL WC: Mets
NLDS: Phillies over Dodgers / Cubs over Mets
NLCS: Phillies over Cubs

World Series: Rays over Phillies in 6
Red Sox: Too many physical questions to merit a full endorsement, but the depth of the pitching staff should ensure at least a wild card.

Yankees: As with the Red Sox, plenty of potential for age- and injury-related issues — and that's assuming A-Rod returns at 100 percent.

Rays: A lot went right last season, but not everything. The offense should be better, the defense remains outstanding and the pitching is deep and strong. For virtually every problem that may arise, the Rays have an answer.

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