December 15, 2010

1960 WS7: Yankees at Pirates, 8 PM

Game 7 of the 1960 World Series between the Pirates and Yankees will be broadcast in its entirety tonight on the MLB Network.

Mel Allen and Bob Prince will call the action -- from Thursday, October 13, 1960, at Forbes Field -- which begins at 8 PM.

It was long believed that no video of the game -- except for a few highlight clips -- had survived. However, last December, a black-and-white kinescope of the entire game was discovered in the former home of singer Bing Crosby, a part owner of the Pirates.

Crosby couldn't bear to watch the game live, although he did listen by radio while in Paris, so he had hired a company to record the broadcast by kinescope. The early relative of DVR meant that he could go back and watch the 2-hour, 36-minute game later if the Pirates won.
G1 - Pirates 6, Yankees 4
G2 - Yankees 16, Pirates 3
G3 - Yankees 10, Pirates 0
G4 - Pirates 3, Yankees 2
G5 - Pirates 5, Yankees 2
G6 - Yankees 12, Pirates 0


Benjamin said...

Long before the MFYs choked away the 2004 ALCS in singularly historic fashion, they choked away the 1960 World Series in singularly historic fashion.

How do you score twice as many runs as your opponent (55-27) and still lose? The Pirates had a series team ERA of 7.11. Only a handful of losing teams have had series performances over 7.00.

What a sad sack franchise the MFYs are.

MacLeodCartoons said...

If their December 2010 keeps going like it has so far, I bet the Yanks, despite a spunky fightback, end up losing to a walk-off homer.

Amy said...

Heh, I am watching this and figured I'd see if there was a game thread. Nothing like baseball in December, even if it is black and white, the Yankees, and over 50 years ago.

FWIW, this was the first WS I ever watched. I was eight years old and rooted for the Yankees (I was living in NY, after all). Mostly what I remember is that our school bus driver was a Pirates fan and razzed us all at the end of the series.

So much fun to watch a game without all the distractions of today's broadcasts.

Will Haines said...

This is great stuff tonight on MLB. They should revisit games from the past once a month. Gets me through the winter and closer to April 1st. Thanks for reminding me it was on.

redsock said...

We were out tonight, plus we don't have the Network. The game is out on DVD, though, so I'll see it eventually.

There is the possible 2004 ALCS Redux Thread ...


MFY - 000 00
PIT - 220 0

Wow. Yanks went to the pen early ... twice ...

L-girl said...

So much fun to watch a game without all the distractions of today's broadcasts.

Sounds heavenly.

Woti-woti said...

Whether it's the CRTC (not enough Cancon?) or Big Cable (Rogers, Shaw, Cogeco etc), CURSES on the idiots who won't allow MLB Network in Canada. I mean, you can get the Raptors channel, but not MLB? Sweet jeezus, somebody save us little folk from our betters.