January 1, 2011

Okajima Back for 2011

The Globe and Ken Rosenthal are reporting that the Red Sox have signed Hideki Okajima, 35, to a one-year deal for 2011.


Jim Wexler said...

happy new year

I see from the Oscar Gamble post wearethe exact same age!!!!!

Makes sense now...the sox appeal

johngoldfine said...

Interesting that Jeemer's wikipedia entry pretty much ends with 07....

westcoastsox said...

Have you seen this?

allan said...

Yep, I'm going with 157-5 in the contest.

(The 1927 Yankees were not the greatest team of all time.)

allan said...

SoSHer glennhoffmania, 12/31:
This is surprising. I'm friends with his agent and he said he didn't expect him to be back this year.

SoSHer glennhoffmania, 1/1:
Here are some details from my buddy. He asked me to keep a couple of things confidential but for the most part this is how the deal unfolded: "We had other offers with more money but he wanted to come back. Pittsburgh, if you can believe it, offered the most money but he just didn't want to go there. His family is here and I worked out a deal where he will be a free agent after the season even though he will only have 5 years service time. All the reports saying he will be competing for a spot with Doubront, Miller, etc are a joke. I got him a guaranteed contract with incentives." Also, he picked the Sox over the Yankees.