December 2, 2010

Okajima Non-Tendered; Varitek Signed For 2011

The Red Sox have not tendered a contract to Hideki Okajima, making the lefty a free agent. Best of luck, Jeemer, and thanks for your work in 2007.

The team also:
signed Jason Varitek -- who turns 39 in April -- to a one-year deal worth approximately $2 million; and

met with Carl Crawford yesterday.


L-girl said...

Jeemer: thank you and goodbye!

Varitek: why can't we thank you and goodbye?

For crissakes, enough already. More than enough already.

Benjamin said...

I'm going to miss Okajima. I know, because I've already had practice missing him for a year now.

Crito said...

Peter Gammons tweeted Cp L yesterday. What does that mean?

FenFan said...

I don't know how many people realize that Oki pitched for 12 seasons in Japan before coming to the US. He'll turn 35 this month. I don't think it's a stretch to say that his best years are behind him. Of course, if the MFY sign him and he comes back to haunt us, I'll be pissed! ;-)

One more year with Tek? I think I can handle that so long as he is not the everyday starter. Heck, he has to be better than Kevin NoCash.

redsock said...

Is Jason Varitek Worth Having?

Amy said...

I won't miss Okajima much. He was not terribly effective the last two seasons.

And as far as Tek, my heart may be bigger than my brain on this subject, but I would like to see him end his career in a Red Sox the end of next season. Those numbers from Allan's link are probably better than most people assume, at least from the defense side. And Saltamacchia may benefit from having a veteran around to help.

redsock said...

Cactus Incentives beyond $2 million base:

$100,000 each for 60, 70 and 80 games started