December 13, 2010

Red Sox Futz With Lee To Distract Yankees, Swoop In And Nab Crawford

The Daily News reports that the Red Sox made a seven-year offer to Cliff Lee last Tuesday, "a purposely low proposal designed mostly to keep the Yankees occupied" while they nabbed Carl Crawford.

Brian Cashman says the Yankees will not be increasing their 7/160+ offer and Yankee officials are now expressing a bit of skepticism about signing Lee. Because Texas has no state income tax, the reported offers from the Rangers and Yankees could be nearly identical -- perhaps a difference of as little as $5 million over seven years.

Ron Washington's gut tells him Lee will stay in Texas. Jon Heyman tweets that Lee's decision may come "early this week"; plus, "mystery team"!

The Red Sox are looking at three Twins relievers: LH Brian Fuentes and RHs Jesse Crain and Matt Guerrier. ... Rob Bradford reports that Mariano Rivera approached the Red Sox, not the other way around. Rivera was clearly hoping to get the Yankees to increase their offer.

Thumbs up to Mark Buerhle, who has "offered to pay any uncovered medical expenses for a dog who was found stranded in southern Illinois this weekend with an arrow in its abdomen".

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buffwarrior said...

Love it..
Yankees have absolutely no Christmas presents like Sox fans got so no wonder they're whining.