December 21, 2010

Theo: New Pen Will Give Tito "An Abundance Of Options"

As the Red Sox officially announced the signing of Bobby Jenks, Theo Epstein offered some thoughts on the bullpen, saying the team has added "a lot of depth, experience, power arms, and strike throwers", giving Terry Francona "an abundance of options".

I've always wanted to play in Boston. A few years back, I came back here and me and Beckett were hanging out and I told him it was one of the places that I've always wanted to be. Once the opportunity was available I jumped on it. ... [T]he team they're putting together this year is very exciting and appetizing. ...

I feel 100 percent right now. The whole elbow thing going on last year, it was more of scare than something that was actually wrong.
We felt really lucky that Bobby wanted to pitch here and we were able to get someone of his caliber to join our bullpen and help Daniel Bard set up for Pap. ... Bobby is someone who has great stuff ... He really knows how to pitch as well and goes right at guys and throws strikes ...

We kept Pap's agents up to speed the whole time ... [W]e still see him as our closer and ... we've got two power set-up guys to get him the ball in the ninth inning.
I missed this bit from Terry Francona, talking after the Carl Crawford signing was announced about his possible lineup: Ellsbury, Crawford, Pedroia, Gonzalez, Youkilis, Ortiz, Drew, SS, C.

Adrian Gonzalez is excited about spring training:
I'm definitely looking forward to Boston — the team, the lineup, the atmosphere — everything's going to be a whole different experience for me ... I'm just anticipating spring training ... getting situated there and getting to know all of my teammates.
More bad news for the Yankees: Andy Pettitte has told the team to move forward without him. Brian Cashman: "It has nothing to do with money, leverage, recruiting or any of that. It's whether his heart's into playing or not. Maybe in a month, he'll change his mind. ... He's told me not to rely on him ..."

And a bit of hilarity, from Nick Cafardo:
[T]he Red Sox never really got into the Zack Greinke talks. It was explored, but the feeling was that Greinke and the Boston market wouldn't mix given his past anxiety issues. ... The Red Sox had also pretty much run out players they could offer the Royals after sending three major prospects to San Diego for Adrian Gonzalez.
SoSHer Dick Pole Upside: "Yup... Sox have emptied out the farm system and don't have any talent left. All we had were Kelly, Rizzo, and Fuentes! More bridge years upcoming..."

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Jere said...

I was kind of hoping The Suspiciously Quick Recoverer would stay in the Yanks' rotation, that they'd count on him as a starter and his old age would show with a complete bed-pooping. But it's okay this way, too. So now they've got Sabathia Bloody Sabathia, Huggies, a lost in the wilderness AJ, and...2 guys not named Greinke or Lee even though they were both totally available and the Yanks always come through, always step up for their fans, always.