December 18, 2010

Sox Add Dan Wheeler To Bullpen

Dan Wheeler was a Red Sox fan growing up in Warwick, Rhode Island.
Over the years deep down there has always been a part of me that wanted to play for them. They were my team growing up and you just never know in this game how things are going to turn out. But this one turned out very well.
And he is thrilled to still be Carl Crawford's teammate:
I know Red Sox fans have seen him a lot over the years but when you watch him day-in-and day out you're going to see things that will amaze you. For me as a pitcher, I'm telling you, it's great to see him out there in left field. He's a highlight film on just about every play.
Theo Epstein is on fire. He has signed former Rays reliever Dan Wheeler to a one-year deal with a team option for 2012 that would kick in with 65 appearances.

Salary details have not been announced, but Wheeler made $3.5 last year (the final year of a three-year contract) and Tampa Bay declined a $4 option for 2011.

It is the third arm for the pen signed in the last week or so, following Bobby Jenks and Matt Albers. Boston has also inked minor league deals with Andrew Miller, Rich Hill, and Lenny DiNardo.
Mariano Rivera, talking to reporters about Boston's two-year offer:
It was real. Yeah, it was real. ... I also made sure that I thanked them because they took me into consideration. This is a business and the Yankees did the right thing, and I'm here. ... It would have been different, definitely would have been different. I don't think the Yankees would allow that to happen. ... But again, we don't have to talk about it, because I'm here.


L-girl said...

It was real. Yeah, it was real.


gmillener said...

I guess I'm starting to get a little worried about how RHP-heavy the bullpen is getting, as happy as I am we're addressing the disaster-that-was from last year. It seems like we've got (in terms of major league contracts)

RHP Papelbon
RHP Bard
RHP Jenks
RHP Wheeler
LHP (Nobody, but my guess is Dubront starts)
RHP Albers/Atchison
RHP Wakefield

Miller, fingers crossed, is going to get things figured out and be a left-handed Bard, though I don't think that happens immediately. And lord knows the idea of Fuentes in a Sox uniform terrifies me. It's not that I'm precisely unhappy with Wheeler, or that I buy into the need for a lefty-specialist, but I guess I'm not sure why another seven-figure righty was necessary.

That said, I am so glad feeling a little iffy on Dan Wheeler is my biggest concern right now. Thank you, Theo.

redsock said...

Doubront will be in the pen. Miller is another possibility, as is Rich Hill.

tim said...

sweet, saw rumblings of this the other day and was glad it happened. hopefully he's not shit.

as for the LHP dilemma, i don't think it really matters, as long as our RHP can get LHB out (and CHB can STFU while we're all into acronyms!)

poor timmeh, dont think there will be much of a role for him this year, you never know though.

after what i saw last year, you can NEVER have enough relief pitchers. theos clearly stocking up and all of them will probably have a short leash.

tim said...

Theo giving new meaning to "HOT" stove!


gmillener said...

I'm certainly more confidant in Jenks over Oki in the seventh this year, but there's something a little terrifying about Wheeler facing lefties. Though he had (uncharacteristically) good numbers against them last year, when they made contact, they hit him hard (Career: .275/.341/.491 vs. 2010: .154/.227/.436).

It just seems a little backwards signing a major league-ready RHP when what conventional wisdom seems to say is we need another LHP. Atchison and Albers are both less effective against lefties, too - if the theory was to hope for a lightning strike/league minimum type of guy from our minor league signings, it would have made more sense to bring in a proven LHP before filling the remaining spots with spring training standouts like, presumably, Doubront.

That being said, (a) the Sox seem to have been comfortable with carrying a single lefty in recent years, (b) we're better stocked should, say, a piece of the bullpen get traded away around 7.31.11, and (c) if there were a manual for building a bullpen, we probably wouldn't have blown 22 saves last year.

tim said...

Sox have expressed that they want to keep Doubront in AAA as a starter for as long as possible, at least to start the year, probably bring him into the pen only if they need it.

Off-topic: Bruins game is on NHL Centre Ice (NHL's version of EI) - tonight, NESN!

Similar level of excitement as when there is NESN for Sox games, especially today, as the opponent's feed sucks big time.

Fuck, MORE military shit at the bruins game. I'm getting a little sick of seeing this giant red white and blue hard on night after night after night.

gmillener said...

Also off topic, but apparently Greinke is on his way to the Brewers. Which means he's not on his way to the MFY.

redsock said...

Would have LOVED him in Boston. Pos recently posted about how tired Greinke was of playing for a shitty team in KC -- he craves pressure -- so how are the Brewers set up for the next few years? (His Royals contract takes him through the end of 2012.)

Ish said...

I'll echo Allan's comment after Cliff Lee signed with Philly:


Both with Dan Wheeler but also with Greinke being moved out of the AL.

Also, Tim - At least Rene Rancourt is awesome. I like the anthem traditions that hockey teams have, although they are beefing up the military presence, which is annoying.