December 15, 2010

Great Rotations

The 2011 Phillies starting rotation will include Roy Halladay, Cliff Lee, Roy Oswalt, and Cole Hamels. Could it be one of the greatest rotations in history?

Adam Darowski (Beyond the Boxscore), Dave Cameron (Fangraphs), and Joe Posnanski (with some help from Bill James) offer some thoughts.


SoSock said...

It (the Philiies rotation) will definitely rank high on the list. On my list, anyway.
We are going to have our hands full for that 7 game series in October. Our own pitchers had better be clicking on all cylinders by then because runs will be a premium commodity.

Mrs.GotRibe said...

We also play them in Philly in June. Our son was just accepted to Drexel University, which is in Philadelphia. I guess he will be seeing some good pitching over the next few years. He is getting some Phillies tickets in his stocking.

Michael Holloway said...

If I'm to continue my Symmetry of Great Pitching Performances Series I'd better sign up to a Phillie pay for view... Just kidding - but not.


Yes, of all time, wow. That's a non-Sabermetric wow. So knowing where I am I did some reading; this was like looking up a physics term in Wikipedia; to get it all you have to open links to related terms.

So far I've discovered the '', learned that to calculate pitching WAR one must discover a teams offensive WAR and then use the Fielding Independent Pitching (FIP) calculation to figure a pitcher value to the team, then convert runs to wins.

Yikes. It was a pleasure, I will continue my reading. Thanks for the link.


Mrs.GotRibe said...

"He is getting some Phillies tickets in his stocking."

Hope he doesn't read 'joy of sox' ... did it spoil the surprise?