September 24, 2005

G153: Red Sox 6, Orioles 3

The Sox did everything they could do. They won their game.

But so did the Yankees, Cleveland and the White Sox. So the standings remain the same -- 1 out in the East, 1.5 out in the wild card.

Bronson Arroyo overcame a very shaky first inning (three hits, two walks, two runs, Lenny DiNardo warming after only six batters) to turn in a nice 7-7-3-3-3 line. After allowing consecutive doubles to start the third, Arroyo retired 15 of his next 16 batters.

In that time, Boston scored five runs and retook the lead (though for me, even after they lead 4-3, it still felt like they were trailing. The feeling lasted a few innings. Was it residual frustration from Arroyo's crappy beginning?)

Manny Ramirez was the Man last night, singling in a run in the first, reaching on Tejada's throwing error and scoring in the fifth, and belting a two-run homer in the seventh. His home run (#40) came on an 87 mph inside fastball -- what else was Manny gonna do with a piece of candy like that? He even started Sox fans off by clapping for himself as he left the box.

Edgar Renteria singled twice, walked once, and scored three times. Trot Nixon contributed a two-run double. Alex Cora went three-for-four in the #9 spot. ... On the other side, Johnny Damon went 0-for-5 and Jason Varitek is still swinging his bat as though it weighs 40 pounds.

And now it's time for the "Idiotic Announcer Comment Of The Night":

After Jonathan Papelbon threw a 97 mph fastball to Javy Lopez in the eighth inning, Jim Palmer noted the speed and said, "Of course, most people will tell you that the gun here at Camden Yards is a bit fast."

That's right, Jim, so why did you spend the first six innings pounding us over the head about how hard Daniel Cabrera was throwing -- and therefore how tough he would be on the Sox -- because the CY gun had him at 100 and 101?

Wright / Downs at 1:00 in Toronto. Clement / Bedard at 4:30.


Kyle said...

Hey, just had a thought. Maybe its better to be the Chaser and not the Chased in the race for the AL East!

Get it done Sox! Stay positive!

Sean O said...

I agree kyle, keep the faith, we can do this, Yankees and White Sox be damned! Go Sox, make us proud!

If Clement returns to may-form, Schilling keeps improving, and Wakefield continues, guess what, that's 3 aces, which is what we need for the playoffs. And with Hansen, Timlin, Papelbon and the oogys, that's a damn solid bullpen.

Keep the faith, we can do this.

yaztex said...

Several tidbits from last night’s game that I found of interest:

Daniel Cabrera is a modern day Nuke LaLoosh, with stuff that neither he nor Ray Miller, pitching guru nonpareil, have yet been able to tame. Sure, the usually level-headed CSN color man Mr. Palmer may have had his finger on the scales (Jugs!) when weighing in on the speed of Cabrera’s heater, but whether it was coming at 101, 99, or 97, it was coming. If someone ever helps him get that golden arm under control, his stuff could become absolutely Gibson-esque.

As purely a fan of the game rather than a citizen of the Nation, one could make a case that Cabrera deserved a better fate than that which he was dealt in the 5th, when Tejada airmailed Manny’s inning-ending 6-3 throw to first, which ultimately led to the tying and winning runs coming home for the Sox. It’s amazing that with one errant throw from short, Miggy did more to help the Sox in their hunt for the Yankees than he did in four games at the Stadium last week. To paraphrase the RemDawg, muchas gracias, amigo!

We were also treated to the introduction of VSZ (Virtual Strike Zone), a heretofore classified collaboration by the CIA and MLB, designed to eliminate the dog-with-fleas Quest-Tec system for grading umpires in their accuracy in calling balls & strikes. Last night’s HP ump, CB Bucknor, had a strike zone that was virtually everywhere last night, some times changing within innings, much to the chagrin of one, Big Papi. Ironically, had Bucknor and his VSZ not jobbed Nixon on a high 3-1 pitch in the fateful fifth, we would have been deprived of Trot’s smoked two-run double that ensued on the next pitch for the game-winning RBI.

Palmer actually made one of the wittier remarks of the night, referring to Manny’s hand-clapping after his HR as “worthy of a flamenco dancer”, proving that never has one guy in Jockeys proven so jocular. Our boon companion, Tito, was dutifully prompt with the hook on Arroyo, who after a rough first inning looked absolutely metronomic the rest of the game, running off a string of 10 straight outs before the full-count walk he allowed leading off the 8th. Nice clean hold by Papelbon, who every outing demonstrates poise beyond his years, followed by a relatively crisp 9th by Timlin (one single).

Now, will the real Matt Clement please stand up?

DanM said...

Alrighty then!! I am off for a well deserved vacation (self-assessed) and the BoSox capitalized on Toronto's beating of the Yuckees - tied for first and we need to get out in front. So, I leave the managing and prayers to ya"ll for the next week. I will be in the house for the final show down in Fenway! Win the division - forget about the wild card!