June 30, 2006

Coco's Catch

Timlin looks like he literally cannot believe his eyes.


L-girl said...

I couldn't! Could you?!

Right now it feels like this team can't lose.

Ben said...

I would probably be feeling the same as you I-girl if it weren't for Jason Johnson starting tonight. For some reason I just don't have faith in pitchers with ERA's over five.

L-girl said...

Pitching matchups are rarely as predictable as a simple matchup of ERAs. I see no reason why our bats can't beat Dontrelle.

And if we do lose tonight, we'll just start a new win streak tomorrow. So it will be 13 of the last 14, intead of 14 straight. 'Sokay.

Jack Marshall said...

Having watched Johnson a lot in Baltimore, I can vouch for the fact that he's fully capable of pitching a gem. Russ Ortiz just pitched well; and Jeremi Gonzalez; Pauley had one good game. Al Leiter came fromthe trash heap and beat the Sox. Don't count out JJ.

By the way, looking far worse than the Arroyo trade is Theo's Freddie Sanchez for a couple ineffective months of Jeff Suppan in 2003.

Jere said...

I don't know about you, but whenever I get my letter of express written consent to broadcast, rebroadcast, or make other use of the accounts and descriptions of a game from the commissioner, Selig's always such a prick about it. Like "I hearby grant thee my consent, albeit reluctantly..."

Seriously, with everything getting YouTubed these days, I wonder if we're headed for a copyright crackdown. I hope not. I say if you make something and you put it out to the world, it belongs to the world, and their only responsibility is to give credit where it's due. And not make money off it. (Also, money doesn't exist in this fantasy land of which I speak.)

L-girl said...

A clip of one catch probably falls under fair use guidelines, even by MLB's standards.

As a writer and a believer in copyrights, I'd like people to at least ask permission before they re-use my work, and always give me credit. Most people don't do either.

I'm not sure what Redsock's off-topic guidelines are, so I'd better cut this short.

Zenslinger said...

I appreciate the post. This morning I went to MLB, ESPN, couldn't find video of the catch.

What looks so amazing about it is the angle of his body in the air. Not diving straight across the path of the ball but having to be angled back toward the wall.