June 4, 2006

G54: Red Sox 8, Tigers 3

Nice. Clement did well (6-6-3-2-5); Gonzalez, Youkilis, Ortiz and Ramirez all homered; and Varitek had three hits. ... Plus Baltimore beat the Yankees 11-4, so we're back atop the East with four big games in the Bronx -- starting tomorrow.


I'm off at a wedding in Geneva, New York today, so you're on your own.

Please be nice to Matt Clement and hope that Zach Miner (making his major league debut) doesn't pitch as well as Cy Bonderman. About pitching to Manny and Papi, Miner says "I've gotten them out on video games. Hopefully, it'll transfer over."

The fun -- after which the regular season is exactly one-third complete -- starts at 1 PM.


Peter N said...

Enjoy Switzerland!

Jere said...

So the wedding party will be convening in Geneva?

Zenslinger said...

Who's tied for #3 in HRs on the Sox?


Clement = solid? It's the West Coast, so the game started in the AM and I kind of slept in...or am I still dreaming?

Of course, I have spoken too soon before.

The Couch Potato said...

While you're in Geneva, just remember that you only have to give your name, rank, and serial number.

Not dreaming, Zenslinger, but typically Clement, it was a good news-bad news: he pitched well enough to win but left the game suddenly with an unspecified ailment.

brian said...

This is what Clement needs to do every time out. 6 innings, 3 runs or less. I was shocked he escaped the sixth inning with the tying run on 3rd with one out.

Van Buren came through huge again in the 7th when it was still a 2 run game.

1/3 of the season in the books. On pace for 99 wins. Keep it rolling.

Timmy Mac said...

I've *been* to Geneva, New York. There's a dive bar called "Pinky's" there with 2 dollar bottles of PBR...just sayin'.

redsock said...

For some reason the reception was not at Pinky's. ... Bourgeois mf-ers had it at some joint called Belhurst Castle.

L-girl said...

The PBR might be $2 a bottle, but the New York State cabernet was free.