June 9, 2006

G58: Red Sox 4, Rangers 3

A speedy 2:18 victory -- and we're back in first place.

Wakefield was superb (7-4-2-1-6, 94), leaving with a 3-2 lead (all the Boston runs courtesy of Trot Nixon's first inning home run). Hansen began the eighth and was victimized by a couple of one-out groundball singles. But he came back to retire Mark Teixeira on a foul pop and turned the ball over to Jonathan Papelbon.

Hank Blalock hit a high fastball on a 1-2 count to left center for an RBI-single. (Where was the splitter?) It was Pap's first blown save of the year and the game was tied 3-3. [What's that, Michael Kay, you wanna know how Papelbon will handle his first bout of adversity, his first blown save? Stay tuned.] ... Bighead Mench made the third out.

The Rangers also went to their pen in the eighth, with Francisco Cordero taking over for Vincente Padilla. As rain began falling, Manny Ramirez worked a eight-pitch walk. Nixon, who ended the night 4-for-4, lined a single towards the right field corner and Manny went to third. Mike Lowell flied to right and Ramirez easily slid across with the go-ahead run.

In the ninth, Papelbon (looking somewhat pissed off) struck out the first two batters before allowing an infield hit to Rod Barajas. Jerry Hairston pinch-ran and stole second, but Ian Kinsler struck out to end the game. [Yo, Mr. Interlocking NY, how's about you break down that inning -- and then STFU.]

In New York, the Athletics chased the Eunuch after only four innings (4-6-6-5-2, 84). In the bottom of the seventh (rain delay), it's Oakland 6-1. Update: Yanks lose 6-5.


Tim Wakefield's stiff back has been a "little bit of an issue", so Craig Hansen will be used if Wakefield is pulled early.

Wakefield / Padilla, 7 PM


suzy lux said...

good game, and yeah very fast. pity wake couldn't have got the win tho.

i'm not bothered at all by paps blowing a save (esp. since he came back stellar in the 9th). i bet he is tho ;)

my only complaint is that i wish mirabelli could remember how to hit.

brian said...

Yeah, tough break for Papelbon. Same for Wake.

Would have been sweet to see Hansen and Papelbon go lights out in the 8th and 9th. Still a nice win.

The preview for the future continues tomorrow with Lester in Game 1. Hopefully he lives up to the hype and Beckett recovers from his road woes in the night cap.

Peter N said...

And yesss, Paps was pumped when he struck out the final Ranger for the win...I swear I heard his scream of joy from here, in Hartford. But maybe that was mine! Great weekend to you, and 2 wins would be nice today. One at a time. Jon in his Fenway debut, and Josh, who has something to prove. As Bruuuce said, in 1978, PROVE IT ALL NIGHT.