June 11, 2006

G60: Red Sox 5, Rangers 4


How many times can this happen?!?


First of two today: Millwood / Beckett, 12 PM

(David Pauley will start Game 2; Matt Clement may be headed to the DL for the first time in his career. Manny Ramirez will probably get Game 2 off, with Kevin Youkilis moving to left.)


Peter N said...

Up to date with the news, as always. Good stuff.

redsock said...

SoSH, 1:28 pm:

"There is a rumor we traded David Riske for Craig Counsell."

He's 35 with a .696 lifetime OPS. Meh. I'd pass.

redsock said...

Riske was just warming in the top of the 5th, so it may be a big nothing.

redsock said...

And now Riske in for Beckett, who Tito left in one batter too long.

At 101 pitches after five, Beckett should have had a short leash (one guy gets on). He issued a one-out walk and then a bomb to Kevin Mench. Thanks, Grady.

Zenslinger said...

Couldn't script better drama than BIG ORTIZ WALKOFF!

And...could Riske actually be working as advertised?

suzy lux said...

haha, yep! i was all ready to bitch about tito putting beckett back out there after a marathon 5th inning jam that he got out of but put him over 100 pitches, etc etc etc, and then papi goes and ruins my rant.

thx papi!!!

really!! ;D

hehe, he's talking at the press conference now with a teeny shirt on showing off his big arms/tats, and it's kiiinda reminding me of horatio sanz as aaron neville on snl.

redsock said...

... nothing but love for that man.

redsock said...

Letting Harris lead off the 9th. ... WTF? Bat Nixon for Wee Willie and if you really need to hit for Gonzo (which Tito did), then send up Cora or even Snow. Why risk the possibility of Harris's bat flying into stands and injuring some kid? Better to tell the ump we'll just start the inning with one out.

Nice two innings from Delcarmen. (Tito may have stayed too long (again) with Beckett in the sixth. I can't decide, so I'll let him off the hook. :>) )

By the way, Texas has not won two games in a row at Fenway since August 1997!

Kyle said...

Why in the world would we want or need Craig Counsell?

L-girl said...

Why in the world would we want or need Craig Counsell?

Maybe it's just to annoy Yankee fans.