June 11, 2006

G61: Rangers 13, Red Sox 6

Ten of the first 14 Rangers reached base against David Pauley, who still was able to gut out five innings, Rudy Seanez (in 0.2 inning) allowed one inherited runner and two of his own to score, and Keith Foulke allowed seven hits and four runs in the final two innings.

But the most annoying moment in the game -- and with Texas scoring 13 runs on 22 (!) hits, there were many of them -- came in the bottom of the seventh.

Texas was up 9-5, but Boston was rallying, and had runners at first and second with two outs. A home run would bring the Sox within one with two innings to go, a pretty nice position to be in considering the rough start.

With Mirabelli up, Francona had both Manny and Varitek on the bench -- yet he stayed with his back-up catcher. A wild pitch moved the runners up to second and third, but on a full count, Mirabelli looked at a pitch right down the middle of the plate, striking out to end the inning. The Rangers roared right back in the eighth with four against Foulke, and that was the ball game.

Without question, Manny Ramirez should have been hitting (although apparently he was going to hit for Cora if Belly got on?) in that spot. Any manager who wants to win baseball games would have sent him up. Varitek likely had been promised the nightcap off (except in an emergency), but Francona has to weigh that promise -- and the goddamn off day tomorrow! -- and ask himself if having Varitek catch two innings is worth having a legitimate shot at getting back in the game.

Tito (being Tito) felt it was more important to give the captain the entire night off. Indefensible. I probably give Tito more grief about his job performance that is warranted, but this decision is absolutely indefensible.


Game 2:
Crisp CF
Loretta 2B
Ortiz DH
Lowell 3B
Nixon RF
Snow 1B
Mirabelli C
Cora SS
Harris LF
David Pauley / Way Back Wasdin, 5 PM


Jeter makes the final out (deja vu all over again!) of the Yankees' 6-5 loss to Oakland. Lead is up to 1.5.


suzy lux said...

manny needed the night off huh?

Zenslinger said...

Someone back in the comments was right about Pauley, I guess. But at least he didn't give up more runs and got through five innings, thus not entirely laying waste to the bullpen.

Jack Marshall said...

Well, I hope those of you who wanted Pauley to have the opportunity to show he was really an AA pitcher after all, because he "earned" the chance to lose the Red Sox a game they should win (any game against John Wasdin should be won,)are happy, happy, happy. The Yankees edge back, a chance to build some momentum is shot, but its only fair.

I'm not really this bitter, but tossing games away in June just ticks me off.

Yaz-Tex said...

Four things learned today in G61:

1. If David Pauley steps into Fenway Park again this season, it better be because he's purchased a ticket.
2. Seanez is absolutely brutal. HEY, NORIEGA!! See those guys in the other uniforms standing on those bases? You might at least take a look over every now and then...WTF, it looked like the 4 x 90 relay the way they were running on him.
3. Foulke is an absolute mess, and showed for the second straight day that whatever he's trying to work on just isn't working (unless he's in training to supplant Papa Jack as BP pitcher).
4. Have we ever missed a guy more than Timlin? His absence has exposed this bullen as being as steady as Kate Hepburn's head in a hurricane.

Over the last 15 days, we haven't found one guy who proved he wanted to be like Mike, so here's hoping that Timlin has his groove on when he rejoins the team in MN this week.

Lastly, and unless he was unavailable due to injury (unlikely) why the hell didn't Tito pinch-hit Tek for Mirabelli in the 7th when the game was still within reach and a RISP? You leave 'Belli (hitting .160) in against a RHP, rather than bringing Tek off the bench to hit from the left side. What am I missing?

s1c said...

Since you asked why manny wasn't up to the plate instead of Mirabelli, Manny's numbers against the pitcher is 2 for 18, teks was 2 for 10, belli was 1 for 7. Not a lot to choose from there, numbers wise. However, I still would have sent Manny up.

redsock said...

There is no situation in which I would want Mirabelli over Manny at the plate.

It is amazing to me that Francona did.

suzy lux said...

yeah when you are reasoning why mirabelli should be at the plate over manny ramirez you are placing way too much importance on numbers.

Jack Marshall said...

Agree with the Manny over Mirabelli argument. Not Varitek...a brutal pinch-hitter most of the time.
I sure hope Mirabelli finds his stroke this season, or we may be finding ourselves missing Josh Bard yet.

Devine said...

As the bullpen goes...shhh, don't tell anyone, but Riske has his ERA (in limited innings, admittedly) below 4.

I'm still nervous about Delcarmen, but a few more outings like that will do nicely to make me feel better about him. He's quickly becoming a better option than Seanez or Tavarez (though I gotta give Tavarez credit for a mostly-good night on the Lester start) in my mind, at least.

Somehow, Riske and Delcarmen are who we ask to hold it down when we're losing, but Seanez and Tavarez are who we ask up there to hold the lead? Really?

I was at Saturday night's game and the Papi game today!


(Though walk-off victories are difficult to deal with because your mood is not good throughout however much of the game until the very end.)

Devine said...

Wow...zeke, are you all right? You are aware it's cool for people to have opinions and such? That that's about as American as anything?

Whatever, kid. Hope the poison in your system didn't burn off your enjoyment of the Papi homer.

IF YOU DID, IN FACT, ENJOY IT! *accusing finger pointed*

Yaz-Tex said...

Hey, Zeke, are you sure you're not channeling Julian Tavarez? Holy shit, I haven't read a tirade like that since John Dean blew himself out of the 2004 presidential primaries..

As it seems the odds are greater that we'll see Elvis in a Burger King before more of your thoughtful commentary appears in this blog, you might consider the following along with a suggestion you switch to de-caf (America Runs on Dunkin'!):

1. It is the right and passion of knowledgeable baseball fans to question the moves of the manager. Whether one's vocation is doctor, lawyer, or indian chief, the avocation as a dedicated seam-head does give one the ability to state an informed opinion.
2. You missed the lay-up on the Mirabelli issue. It had nothing to do with "ordering up a HR" (?!). Rather, whether it was Tek (whom jm argues correctly would have been a poor choice as a PH) or Manny, Francona's decision to keep superior firepower on the bench in a game that was still within reach was a ridiculously poor decision.

Before Seanez and Foulke (a.k.a., The Kerosene Kids) put the game out of reach, Tito had a chance to steal game 2 by putting a guy at the plate (Manny) whose flair for the dramatic may be second only to Ortiz of any player in MLB. Instead, we get the immensely likeable but seriously struggling Mirabelli, whose AB conjured up the addage of the guy who took a knife to a gun fight.

If you should ever wonder why Tito's name will never be invoked in the same breath as Weaver, Tanner, Howser, Anderson, Torre, Leyland, or even the pompous King LaRussa, I introduce the previous example as Exhibit A.

Finally, you might ask yourself a simple question, Mr. Hunkaburning (pseudonym for AJ Burnett?): why do you think players of all stripes rave about playing at Fenway, the passion of the fans, and the atmosphere in Boston? It's because we watch a lot of baseball, zeke, not a lot of Crossfire, and that knowledge and appreciation for the game can be found each and every night in Fenway, as well as any park where the Sox play on the road.

Those are the only politics I've found on this site - good luck in finding another place to rant.

Timmy Mac said...

I simply don't get people who lay all the blame at the manager's feet and none at the guy who watched the third strike blow by him.

Maybe Tito shoulda pinch hit Manny for Belli, but ol' Dougie should get some of your ire for extreme suckitude at the plate.

Kyle said...

Terry's Terrific Trio - Foulk-e, Suckeanez, Tavarez. He will keep using them if they are out there and don't expect Timlin to be much use. Terry has worn out his arm the past 2.5 yrs. Foulke should be placed on the DL or released. He just doesn't have it anymore.

Of the trio, I trust Tavarez the most. He actually has been pitching well recently and particularly in the Lester game, Terry just trotted him out there for a THIRD! inning.

I'm not going to blame Tito for the loss yesterday but it is the manager's job to correct MANAGE the bullpen. One of the most important jobs and he's not doing it this year.

Zenslinger said...

I simply don't get people who find other people's opinions so oppressive that they lash out. Redsock's opinionated and stands his ground but I don't see disagreement as greeted with scorn. Ad hominem attacks, maybe, but differing opinions, no.

Why do we need to have read the "other blog" to know how awful our hosts are? I haven't. Politics only enters into things here occasionally, through baseball.

I think Redsock's too hard on Tito. There, I said it! Are ya gonna kick me off yer site, ya...ya LIBERAL!? I dare ya! I know my rights!

Stankyfish said...

It was clear to me that Tito had no interest in winning game 2 from the get-go. With an offensive lineup barely capable of producing enough runs to win a pitchers' duel, he showed way too much confidence in an unproven pitcher.

Tito does not do what's needed to win games. Period.

Jack Marshall said...

Yeesh! What the heck brought THAT on? Zeke must be SOME Doug Mirabelli fan! Addressing more specifically this unprovoked rant....

1. I think the commentary rendered by Redsock is overwhelmingly literate, provocative, and informed.
2. I certainly don't feel that there is any enforced political agenda here; it's fair to assume that Redsock would disagree with a lot that's on MY website (www.ethicsscoreboard.com)...so what? This is about the Red Sox.
3. When I go to Fenway, and leave after talking to every fan within earshot, I feel like I've been with a family, a community of devotees of a team and a tradition and a rich history. I don't care who they vote for, as long as they know their baseball, respect the ghosts of Tony C. Harry Agganis, The Monster and the Kid, applaud the opposing pitcher when he pitches well, and never, never leave the park until the last out is made. We're all Red Sox fans...and if you're a Red Sox fan, you're A-OK with me.

redsock said...

Damn! Sleep in after a 14 hour workday and all hell breaks loose!


Alright, after a little housecleaning, everything seems to be in order. Carry on with your baseball discussions. But all you fuckers better agree with me -- or else!!! :>)

Note to one person: Who asked you to start commenting here? Any and all comments from you -- even if you just post a little tiny period like this . -- will be deleted asap.

L-girl said...

Whew! Now I know why there were so many Joy Of Sox visitors to my blog this morning. Somebody give that boy his medication!

Thanks for the nice responses, y'all. And for reaffirming that we all have the right to believe in what we want, vote for who we want, and - even! - live where we want. As long as we all love the Sox, we're all in it together.

redsock said...

I have to laugh at two points the now-banned poster made:

1. That this blog is actually a gateway portal -- like pot leads to heroin, I guess! -- to get you under the sway of my liberal "illusionary politics". Bwah bwah bwah! (Watch out, Curt!)

2. That everyone must agree with me about all things Red Sox. This from someone who was surprised -- genuinely surprised! -- that there exists a difference of opinion among Sox fans about Roger Clemens.

I doubt there are two Red Sox fans anywhere on Earth whose feelings about the team, its history and its players are in 100% sync. Doesn't seem possible.