June 13, 2006

G62: Twins 5, Red Sox 2 (12)

Dear Julian Tavarez:

Turn in your uniform, walk out the door, and never come back.


As noted in comments: Mike Timlin was activated and Jermaine Van Buren was recalled from Pawtucket. In addition to David Pauley being sent to the PawSox, Keith Foulke was finally put on the 15-day disabled list with right elbow tendinitis. (It really sucked having the pen be an arm short for the first week and a half of June while the team hoped Foulke would rebound.)

Curt Schilling (3.81) / Johan Santana (3.16), 8 PM

In his last two starts -- against Oakland (8-2-1-0-9, 103) and Seattle (5-5-1-1-2, 101) -- Santana allowed a total of two runs.


suzy lux said...

big deal!! ;D


Yaz-Tex said...

In Through The Out Door (apologies to the law firm of Page, Plant, Bonham, and Jones):

BOSTON -- The Boston Red Sox today activated righthanded pitcher Mike Timlin from the 15-day disabled list and recalled righthanded pitcher Jermaine Van Buren from Triple-A Pawtucket of the International League. In addition, the club placed righthanded pitcher Keith Foulke on the 15-day disabled list (retroactive to June 12) with a right elbow tendinitis. Executive Vice President/General Manager Theo Epstein made the announcement.

Seems like Foulke's troubles went far beyond the "two bad pitches out of 38" as reported after his BPesque outing against TEX on Sunday. The earliest we would see him back with the team would be for the Jun 27-29 series with the Mets at Fenway.

Will Timlin come back strong or is he finally wearing down as some in this space have speculated? We need him in a big way....as big as I think Schill will be tonight against MIN and Santana.

Jack Marshall said...

I HATE the way Taveras pitches...nasty pitch followed by something going who-knows-where; wasted pitches after getting ahead, lengthy counts, then a meat-ball. Yecchh. I'm sure he'll have better days, but I'm with RS: make them be with someone else.

Yaz-Tex said...

Julian F. Tavarez.

If there was ever a guy who you would least want to have the rock to protect a one-run lead with the game on the line, would he be the one? At last count, GMs in CLE, SF, COL, PIT, CHC, FLA, and STL have previously said, "no thanks".

On a night when Schilling (and Santana) were lights out, and Papelbon was equally superb, Tito had a number of options at his disposal in the 12th, including a presumably well-rested Timlin. Instead, we get JFT.

Why Tavarez? Tonight's defeat in what was unquestionably one of the best pitched games in the majors all season was a crushing one, no two ways about it. However, like the joke about the guy who travels to some shit-hole Texas town ("It's not the end of the world, but you can see it from there"), we can't possibly hold off TOR and the MFY and compete for the AL if Tito puts Tavarez in another game and expects him to slam the door.

62 games down, 100 to go. Not the end of the world, but I'm afraid I might be able to see it from here

redsock said...

I'm said it so many times before: 2004 will add years to my life.

Without that title, a loss like this would have left me absolutely fuming, unable to fall asleep. ... Now, it sucks, but it was also almost laughable in its predictability.

Schilling's performance was not as eye-popping as Santana, but he was equally effective -- and threw fewer pitches. Why did he get pulled after 91? Strange.

Papelbon in the 9th and 10th made sense. He was at 22 pitches. Tie or no tie, I would have brought him out for the 11th.

Turns out Timlin was fine. 15 pitches. Probablty wise not to have him go a second inning right off the DL.

So we get Tavarez? I would have picked Delcarmen. And I sure would have had someone up after the HBP in case things got a bit more ugly, which they did.

Damn, what if that double didn't hop over the fence? Twins tie it, but maybe Tavaraez works out of it with a guy at 2nd and 1 out?

Bah. So we're tied with the Chokers and the Jays are 2 back. Off to bed.

L-girl said...

I hate Julian Tavarez.

That is all.

redsock said...

And we've got another year and a half of this shit? No. Someone's gonna have to eat a contract.

Jack Marshall said...

I think, bad as he is so far, Taveras is tradeable. There are a lot more desperate bullpens out there.

suzy lux said...

i was playing 'second life' when the GS happened and i crawled under a table in a club and lay there for....oh seconds.

just laid there.

hated it. hate him.

redsock said...

I think, bad as he is so far, Taveras is tradeable. There are a lot more desperate bullpens out there.

Just make sure he doesn't go to the MFY. He'd probably pitch like the second coming of the 2005 Aaron Small.

Zenslinger said...

Braves would take him, maybe. If we paid 1/2 or 2/3 of his contract to play for them...wait a minute, this sounds familiar.