June 16, 2006

G65: Red Sox (36-28) at Atlanta (30-37)

Career Win #1!


Lester 6 5 1 1 3 5 26 93
Seanez 1 0 0 0 0 2 3 14
Timlin 1 0 0 0 0 1 3 7
Papelbon 1 1 0 0 0 0 4 16

Jon Lester was sharp (only one Atlanta batter reached second in the first four innings), and after Tim Hudson walked the bases loaded in the third, Jason Varitek brought everybody home with a two-out double off the wall in right center.

Other games: New York 7, Washington 5 & Florida 3 Toronto 1. ... We are 1 GB, the Jays are 2GB.

Jon Lester (6.23) / Tim Hudson (3.79), 7:30 PM


Zenslinger said...

After two innings: is Lester pitching as well as he seems to be (watching over the Internet)? Strikes out their first two -- lotsa 0-and-2 counts. Atlanta's offense is not bad.

redsock said...

I'm hoping for a report on Lester as well.

dabdiputs said...

i saw the middle of the game and can definitely tell you that lester was as good as the numbers look. he was throwing a strong fastball early in the count, and his curve was filthy.

getting out of (small) jams in the fourth and fifth showed a lot more maturity than i expected.

i think one of the reasons these young guys are pitching so well is the experience and pitch-calling from varitek. he seemed to slow the game down when the kid needed an extra breath, and had him in a good rhythm when he was on.

suzy lux said...

good stuff. lester had presence on the mound i thought :)

whew, we needed that win. and the bullpen was awesome :))

is anyone sorta kinda worried about manny?

ok didn't think so.

The Couch Potato said...

Lester's curve is deadly! I only saw part of the game but I liked the poise he had on the mound.

*raising hand re: "worried about Manny"*

He hasn't really looked comfortable at the plate all year with the exception of the last Yankees series. I thought he was getting in the groove then but his at bats vs the Twins & the couple that I saw last night were atrocious. It's worrisome to me that he couldn't catch up to Nathan's fastball. I'm trying to keep in mind that he took a long time to get going last year as well...

Yaz-Tex said...

Great outing by Lester, hopefully an indication of more to come. Power, poise, presence...and a well-needed W.

Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Noriega - why the hell can't Seanez pound the zone like that with each outing?! The 3-2 yakker that caught Renteria looking to end the 7th was masterful. Queremos mas, Manuel! QUEREMOS MAS!!

Could anyone have imagined - truly imagined - how much Mike Lowell would have contributed to the team this year? Billy Mueller was the consumate gamer, steady at 3rd and with the stick, one guy I really hated to see leave town.

However, as the "baggage" that came as a proviso to the Beckett deal, how many teams would have liked to take Lowell and his baggage now? His resurgence to his pre-2005 form has been nothing short of fascinating to watch, much as the professionalism and steady play he brings to the park each day. While Billy Ballgame's will forever have a secure place in Sox lore and legend, you really have to like what Lowell brings to this team.

Great column by Gordon Edes in today's Globe on the pick-up of Kyle Snyder from KC, Theo's latest attempt to shore up the rotation.

Peter N said...

Lester looked great in hi-def. His pitches were sharp, catching most Atlanta batters lookin' for something else, and when it was fastball time, he had the ability to throw it by 'em. TOTALLY fun to watch, and I cannot wait for Wednesday against the Nats. But we need to get a little hot with the lumber. Mikey Lowell has been an inspiration, and Capt. Tek has been hot.