June 17, 2006

G66: Red Sox 5, Atlanta 3

Yook leads off the game with a home run, Ortiz goes deep, Gonzo goes 3-for-4, Beckett goes six (6-3-2-4-5) and knocks in a run, and Papelbot closes it out. Solid.


Josh Beckett (5.26; 7.00 in eight road starts) / Lance Cormier (6.10), 1:20 PM

Atlanta's scheduled starter, Horacio Ramirez, was scratched because he's still not 100% after being hit in the head by a line drive last Sunday.

Manny's off today. Lineup:
Youkilis LF
Loretta 2B
Ortiz 1B
Nixon RF
Varitek C
Lowell 3B
Crisp CF
Gonzalez SS
Beckett P
(Beckett has a 1.750 OPS this season! So Tito the Moron bats him 9th. Of course! Jeez.)


suzy lux said...

manny needs another day off?!

*blood pressure rising*

i swear, he gets more days off than anyone in that lineup.

Zenslinger said...

Hair like that takes time to care for.

Beckett OPS keeps rolling with his RBI single. Again I'm watching on the Internet, but...he's doing very well for throwing a lot of balls. No hits until the RBI.

I feel for the Braves as they're my NL team, but...no mercy, not when we need it this bad.

suzy lux said...

i have to say, i was caught up in futbol all afternoon, so red sox were a flick-over-every-few-minutes kinda thing. but ya know, i flicked *alot* ;)

lol @ the hair comment. yr right, i need to consider these things, and it's no big deal. (bloody nancy boy he is;)

yankees lost. muhahaha!!

Zenslinger said...

They Yanks did not lose. They blew a 7-run lead and wasted a JD grand slam and Rivera gave up two runs. There is a difference, you know.

I went into a bar to watch the end of this game and ended up watching soccer, too. Was fun.

suzy lux said...

*looks around* what?

howeva it happened, THEY LOST.


anyway that *is* losing dude. i know the difference ;p

Zenslinger said...

No, no -- I mean they didn't *just* lose. They ate the big one in a mighty way.

Great rejoicing.

Devine said...

Oh Suzy, you know I can't resist a little Manny-defending.

I believe the record states that Manny has played in the most games for the Red Sox of any player for the past...three years? Maybe only two? I'll check.

2003: Manny (154) 2nd to Nomar (156).

2004: 1st with 152 (Millar, Damon, and Ortiz 150).

2005: 3rd (152) behind Ortiz (159!), and Renteria (153).

Yaz-Tex said...

I did a double-take when I saw Mike Remlinger come into the game for the Bravos. After his brutal performance in the 2005 production of Tito's Little Shop of (Bullpen) Horrors, I figured he was done.

Absolutely amazing to read that he currently leads the ATL staff with 34 appearances (and 3.74 ERA), perhaps one telling metric behind the Braves 2006 slide from their annual NL preeminence to the basement of the East.

No disputing the stroke Papi put on his 3-2 pitch...

Zenslinger said...

He was a perfectly good option for the Sox in 2005 based on past performance. So are Tavarez, Saenz, and so was Riske. There's just been something about arriving in Boston that has ruined relievers the last few years.

brian said...

Mark it down: J-Tavarez has given up a run in 5 straight appearences (6 of 7 if you keep going)

Zenslinger said...

Nationals walkoff HR against the Yanks. Bad news is that Wang pitched very well for eight innings. Good news is that if Schill can come through, first place is ours. Jays lose again as well. Last week's funk is a'lifting.