June 18, 2006

G67: Red Sox 10, Atlanta 7

Seven-inning stretch: Red Sox led 3-2. Both teams went to their bullpens. And in those 2.5 innings, a total of nine relievers allowed 14 hits and 12 runs.

Rudy Seanez allowed a first-pitch, three-run homer to give Atlanta a 5-3 lead in the home half of the seventh. David Ortiz and Manny Ramirez both struck out to start the Boston eighth. Amazingly, in addition to making the second out of the inning, Manny also made the third out!

In between, against a trio of Atlanta pitchers, the Red Sox rallied: Nixon walked, Varitek walked, Crisp singled (5-4), pinch-hitter Lowell doubled (Sox led 6-5), pinch-hitter Cora singled (7-5), Youkilis hit a two-run home run (9-5), Loretta singled, and Ortiz was hit by a pitch.

Jonathan Papelbon recorded his 23rd save by getting the final four outs, including ending the eighth with the potential tying runs on base. ... Those of us not named Joe Morgan didn't need any more evidence that a pitcher's won-loss record tells us little about his actual performance, but as Boston finished off the sweep, it was Seanez that received credit for the victory.


7:06 PM -- Jeff Horrigan reports that Kyle Snyder will start tomorrow night against Washington.

Tonight, Mike Lowell (.231 lifetime vs. Smoltz) is on the bench, as is Chipper Jones, who will miss his second consecutive game with a sore right thumb.
Youkilis 3B Giles 2B
Loretta 2B Renteria SS
Ortiz 1B Thorman LF
Ramirez LF AJones CF
Nixon RF McCann C
Varitek C Francoeur RF
Crisp CF LaRoche 1B
Gonzalez SS Betemit 3B
Schilling P Smoltz P
Jonathan Papelbon has faced 124 batters this year. Only 22 of them have reached base -- less than 18%. In 34.1 innings, he has allowed only 18 hits, four walks and one run (0.26 ERA), with 34 strikeouts.

It looks like Pedro Martinez will pitch either the first or second game of the Mets' series at Fenway June 27-29, depending on whether the Mets give him an extra day of rest because of an off-day on June 26.


Curt Schilling (3.59) / John Smoltz (3.78), 8:00 PM

The two pitchers have faced each other only twice before, both when Schilling was with the Phillies. Both games were played in Atlanta.

On June 3, 1992, Schilling (7-6-0-0-6) led the Phillies to a 4-1 victory. Smoltz lasted only three innings (3-6-4-2-1).

More than five years later, on June 28, 1997, Smoltz (7-6-0-2-7) came out on top, winning 9-1. Schilling's line: 5.2-8-7-4-12.


Zenslinger said...

I've heard of 2-out rallies before but this is ridiculous.

First place!

Jack Marshall said...

Three batters walk in a row in front of him, the bases are loaded with no outs, and Varitek swings at the first pitch (a bad one, too.) Why does he do that? Why has he done that since he was a rookie? Drives me nuts, everydamn time.

Jason said...

Before he even swung I called that. Every time he comes up with the bases loaded, or as a pinch hitter, he's pressing. Argh! On that sequence, all four pitches to him were balls. But somehow Varitek manages to turn an RBI walk into a double play, with only a run to show for it. Boo.

redsock said...

Jack, you're starting to sound like me!! Six-run rally, a 10-7 win, a one-game lead over the Chokers -- and you are bitching about one Varitek foul ball back in the 6th!

(I yelled at Tek through my TV also, btw.)

brian said...

Seanez must have wanted to take some of the heat off of Tavarez. These two have to stop their friendly battle of who can blow more games.

Delcarmen was solid again, but Timlin not so much. Good thing the bats woke up and saved our shaky pen. J-Lo needs to come in throwing strikes.

Good to see Coco finally get a big hit right before All Star 3B, Mike Lowell delivered the 2 run 2B.

Weird week, but it ends with us +1 on NY and +3 on TOR. Kyle Snyder gets the ball tomorrow. Can't be any worse than DiNardo, Pauley or Alvarez. Maybe he can step up and be our #5.

Iain said...

Joe Morgan also kindly informed us that "you can't hit a two-run home run with no-one on base." I'm glad he cleared that one up, because it's been puzzling me for years.