June 27, 2006

G74: Red Sox 9, Mets 4

Jon Lester (2.76) / RHP Alay Soler (3.32), 7 PM


Peter N said...

Gammons...brain aneurism, and being operated, now. Godspeed

Jack Marshall said...

Good Luck, PG..you were the first Boston sportswriter who didn't piss me off.
---Re Lester: the strike-out of Wright was very impressive. Sure looks like the Sox rotation will be fine, if either Wells or Clement can return to health and form.
---If Gonzalez can keep his average above .260, I'll take him and his magic glove over Reneteria and his delicate psyche any time.

~**Dawn**~ said...

i have to say, this Lester kid impresses me. only 4 starts in the majors & even though he is getting himself into some jams & giving up some runs, he manages to get himself back out of things without losing too much composure. with a little more experience under his belt, i am thinking (hoping?) that we are looking at something special.

re: jack's comment about A-Gon. the fact that he is matched in AVG with Big Papi is enough to make me eat every snarky comment i made about him at the beginning of the season. Cora as well!