June 27, 2006

Gammons Undergoes Surgery For Brain Aneurysm

Peter Gammons, the award-winning baseball writer and the face of news and analysis for millions of fans through the years, underwent surgery Tuesday for an aneurysm in his brain, The Boston Globe and ESPN reported.

Gammons, 61, reportedly was stricken earlier Tuesday and was taken to a Boston-area hospital. He is expected to be in intensive care for the next 10 to 12 days.
The news was first posted at SoSH at 6:08 PM. I cannot believe NESN made no mention of this during the game?!? (Was it mentioned on WEEI?)


brian said...

Yeah, Bob Ryan came on right before the first pitch and layed everything out from his column. He spoke with Peter's wife and talked about how him and PG go all the way back to 1968.

Let's keep winning to boost the Commish's spirits.

YardSox said...

Remy talked about it in the second inning. Said it was very sad news, but that he was hoping for the best.

Yaz-Tex said...

In the days long before there was ESPN, NESN, or a world-wide web providing a steady stream of baseball news to the devoted, there was Peter Gammons.

His learned insights to the game and accompanying word pictures were daily stalwarts at my childhood breakfast table, usually consumed after completing my rounds delivering the Boston Globe before school.

As college, career, and family took me to various outposts in the U.S. later in life, I would faithfully patronize neighborhood newsstands and bookstores that would sell the Sunday Globe (often three days late), willingly forking over the $5-10 for the pleasure of poring over his Sunday column. As a New England expatriate, this always left me feeling like I had reconnected with an old friend from back home.

Through his work at SI and later at ESPN, the rest of the country soon discovered what we in New England had know for the better part of two decades, namely that there was and is no one better at the craft of baseball analysis and journalism than Peter Gammons.

Like millions of baseball fans everywhere, my hope and prayer is that we will not have seen the last of Peter Gammons, and that he will make a complete recovery that will soon allow him to return to his full, prolific, and insightful form.

Get well soon, Commissioner.

Jere said...

SNY made no mention the whole game. I was very surprised.

~**Dawn**~ said...

yep, they did mention in during the game on NESN. thoughts & prayers for Peter Gammons, his doctors & family...