June 15, 2006

Riske Traded to White Sox

... for lefty Javier Lopez once a Rule V pickup by Boston in 2002, later traded to Colorado). He should be with the team in Minnesota tonight.

With the AAA Charlotte Knights (International League) this year, he posted a puny 0.55 ERA in 33 innings (28 hits, 6 walks, 26 strikeouts). And he's had decent WHIPs in the minors for three years (1.06, 1.33, 1.19).

In 115.1 career major league innings, however, he has a 6.09 ERA (79 ERA+) and a ton of walks.

Riske threw only nine innings for the Sox and he certainly wasn't going to get into any high-leverage situations, so I don't hate this or like this move. It just is. Tito wanted a LOOGY with Foulke out, so Theo got him one.


Peter N said...

I just heard this too.

Zenslinger said...

It's a little annoying, because I had started to think of Riske as the best option of our three guys who had good years last year -- Seanz, Tavarez, and Riske.

But -- think upside, I guess.

Jack Marshall said...

This is kind of annoying, isn't it? The Sox let Mike Myers, a submarining lefty, got to the Yankees because they said he was a one-batter pitcher, and they wanted more flexibility. So now they trade their most reliable righty reliever behind Timlin for...another submarining lefty! And not a better one. This looks like pretty feckless and meandering strategy from the front office.
Come on, Theo...where's the boy genius? Dazzle us!