June 13, 2006


I was planning on writing a little about this year's team and how 2006 is a transition year for the Red Sox -- though not strictly rebuilding, since the team is still a strong contender. No time today, however, so my thoughts will have to wait. In the meantime, a few beat writers are sort of thinking the same thing.

Steven Krasner looks at the influx of youth on the pitching staff, Michael Silverman compares the 2006 team to 2005 (and at no point gives the edge to 2005; stats) and Amalie Benjamin chats with Papelbon, Pauley and Lester.

The clock is ticking on Willie Harris. Gabe Kapler went 4-for-10 in three games with Portland and was sent to Pawtucket, where he was 2-for-5 with two RBI last night.

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The Couch Potato said...

Thank God for Kapler's superhuman recuperative powers. I don't think my blood pressure could tolerate the next exciting episode of "Willie Harris Tries to Bunt His Way on Base."