September 2, 2007

G137: Red Sox 3, Orioles 2

A nice tight game played in a brisk 2:35.

Lester kept his pitch count down today, but he still had trouble with walks (6-6-2-4-1, 90). His last batter was Ramon Hernandez, whose home run down the left field line leading off the seventh just snuck over the Wall, cutting the Sox lead to 3-2. Javier Lopez came in and finished the inning, retiring the three men he faced.

Jeemer gave up a double to Nick Markakis to start the eighth and a grounder to second put him on third, as the potential tying run. Jeemer proceeded to strike out both Kevin Millar (Thanks, Cabin!) and Aubrey Huff to perform a little Houdini magic of his own.

Snuffer dispatched the Birds on only seven pitches in the ninth (the second out was a running, sliding catch in shallow center by Coco Crisp, who was put into the game for the final inning).

Boston scored in the first, when Dustin Pedroia singled, David Ortiz walked and Mike Lowell singled to left. Jacoby Ellsbury's first major league home run made it 2-0 in the fourth and Lowell's sac fly in the fifth scored Pedroia (who doubled, and was at that point 10-for-his-last-16) to make it 3-0 Boston.

In New York, the Devil Rays -- mathematically eliminated from the division race by Boston's win -- beat the Yankees 8-2 and bumped the East lead to six games.


Daniel Cabrera (5.08, 87 ERA+) / Jon Lester (5.67, 80 ERA+)

On August 27, Lester allowed one run on five hits over six innings for Portland (AA). In four August starts with the Red Sox, he had a 5.67 ERA.

Cabrera is on pace to lead the American League in walks for a second straight season.


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redsock said...

6 GA.

magic # soon to be 20.

L-girl said...

now: yippee!!

SoSock said...

Hot Damn !
Done in 7 pitches !

ish said...

was it a great catch? love that guy. Sliding on his left hip after a long run. Terrific catch.

L-girl said...


redsock said...

gotta click over and watch the 9th in ny.

redsock said...

damon makes the first out.

8-2 rays

redsock said...

CI up -- he's 0-for-4 so far with 3 k.

ish said...

Interesting thing is the Yankees game started an hour before the Red Sox game. Sox game is finished and the MFY game's still going. Almost done.

2 out.

redsock said...

tucan allowed 11 hits in 6.1.

rays hit 4 HR in the game -- tied season high

SoSock said...

Moss, Ellsbury, Buck, & Lester
"The Kids are Alright".
or for the younger crowd -
"The Futures so Bright"

David said...

jeter groundout
2 outs

redsock said...

CI grounds out to shortstop.

0-5, with 3 K = Tangible.

2 outs.

ish said...




redsock said...

Sing it, Liza.

redsock said...

tigers up 2-0 in the 5th in oakland - with a win they can tie seattle at 2 GB in the wc.

SoSock said...

6 GA - MN 20
Counting down, baybee.
I just wish they could clinch next weekend.
I'm going to Baltimore to catch my 2nd & 3rd Sox games ever.
BIG :)

ish said...

Those of you with ESPN2: 8:05 tonight, Rangers vs. Angels with Kason Gabbard starting for Texas.

redsock said...

Gabby Gabby Hey!

David said...

During the Rays-Yanks game yesterday Arod slid headfirst into second base on a wild pitch. He was trying to stretch out his left shoulder immediately after with a slight grimace on his face. Rays TV showed him trying to stretch it out agan today while standing on first, grimacing again.

ish said...

A-Rod stole second today also, and this time he went in feet-first.

7-0 Tigers into the bottom of the 5th.

DET: 7 / 10 / 0
OAK: 0 / 0 / 0

s1c said...

Souvenir score card pitch from Remy.

Yup, s1c called it yesterday. I think he's at today's game. "Missed it by that much."

yep was at the game, got some pics including the sliding catch by ocoC. Just walked in the house and fed the dog etc.

Still, pumped about the game. Took, like 50+ pics (of which some is drivel). Once I figure out the ones that are good, will get them posted on the web.

If anyone was listening to WEEI after the game, Mike from Rocky Hill was the guy I went with along with his son and Wife!!!

s1c said...

aren't the numbers on pegs outside on the wall outside now and are updated btw innings? i think they are. they used to be done from inside the wall like they do the actual game

Only the National league is outside. The numbers slide into the slot and are hung on a peg / nail / something pointy. Its funny watching the kid come running out with the ladder so that he can attach the stuff between innings.

s1c said...

i cant believe they are doing the wave at this juncture of the game.

I couldn't believe it either, if you can see into the grandstand in section 11 you will see one dorky looking guy with a blue s1c cap not even smiling as he kept his hands in his lap!!!

nixon33 said...

buchholz= Dr. No-No

redsock said...

Oakland comes back and wins in 10!

Detroit: 020 005 000 0 - 7 11 0
Oakland: 000 020 302 1 - 8 12 0

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